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HI, my name is Ray from LoveYourRV.com. It is a blog I write detailing my experiences as full-time RVer. One of my favorite aspects of RVing is meeting people as we travel around. It’s so interesting to make friends with folks from all over the country and the world for that matter. I find RVers in general to be a very friendly and fun loving bunch.

One evening while sitting around with some RVing friends enjoying a few beverages and swapping stories of the road an idea hit me. Since it’s a tradition in the RV world to gather and socialize around happy hour, maybe I could build a online community to mimic that. So the seed for “RV Happy Hour” was planted.

I wanted to build a site that was more than just the run of the mill forum or bulletin board. Something like Facebook but only focused on RVing, without all the other distractions. RV Happy Hour is sort of a blend of both. It has the Facebook-like feeds, walls, profiles but also incorporates the traditional forums. I’m striving to make the site simple as possible to use but at the same time packed with great features. Features to make it easy for us to share with each other our travel stories, photos, links, advice, etc.

Here are some of the features built into the website:

  • Photo sharing – Throughout the site there are numerous ways to upload your photos.
  • Link Sharing – I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to share links.
  • Video Sharing – See a great video on YouTube or elsewhere, just paste the link in and the video embeds itself.
  • Profile Area – Every member gets their own special Profile Wall where all their interactions show up.
  • Groups – This is cool. You can create groups around specific topics of interest.
  • Activity – Need to see the latest happenings? Catch up on the Activity Page which shows feeds of the latest interactions and posts on the site.
  • Forum – There is a traditional style forums section built in as well.
  • Social – You can friend people, like things and message each other
  • Blog – The blog is what your reading now. Here I will post news and events. Things of interest to RVers.
  • Galleries – Each member and Group gets there own Gallery section to share photos.

Membership signup is easy and completely free. Click register and fill in a short form. An email will show up in your Inbox (check your junk folder just in case), click on the activation link and you’re all set. When you log in to RV Happy Hour you will land on your Profile page and can configure your preferences from there.

Video Overview of the Site

If you’re having trouble getting set up check out the Help Page where I’ve added some videos to guide you.

I hope you enjoy the site and we can together make it a great place to gather and share our passion for the RV lifestyle.


Ray Burrrvhappyhour.com admin

18 thoughts on “Welcome to the RV Happy Hour”

  1. Ray, thank you so much for all the tips. You have the Best website for the
    RVer! I don’t seem to be getting your newsletters in my email. I did get the January one. I’ll search my spam and see if somehow it landed in there.
    Thanks again. (We have really studied your instructions for backing up and it has helped). We have a 2014 32′ Keystone Sprinter 5th wheel, so your helpful videos and other tips are right on for us.
    Keep up the great pictures and tips from your fan club! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Norma when your right, your right! Ray has done a great job at this site, and “LoveyourRv.com”. I first saw his stuff on u-tube when surfing and saw this guy with the look of anger after damaging his floor with screws from slideout table. As RV funny screwups videos go that is pretty good.
    Thanks Ray!!!

  3. Great site Ray. I also have a cougar and will be posting my work on replacing the slide out floor. It will take me a little time, don’t work as fast as when I was younger. Thanks again for showing me that I can do the work and not take it to the dealer.

  4. Hi, Ray! I love the website. I am not RVing yet. Just working and living a “normal” life. But I know this is the right life for me and I am preparing myself. I hope to learn a lot from other RVers with experience! Thanks Ray!

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