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Where to go for help?

I get a lot of questions these days from new RVers hungry for information on one thing or the other and find myself giving out links to many different RV web resources. So I decided to put them down on one RVing resources page. Below you’ll find some of the websites I have bookmarked and recommend to others.

Finding Places to Stay

Allstays.com – Use the on site map or download the app to find information on RV Parks and much more.

Freecampsites.net – Great site to find free or cheap places (not always up to date though but still good).

RVparking.com – Nice interface for getting info on RV Parks. Needs more reviews though.

RVparkreviews.com – My go to review site. Been around a while so has a good amount of reviews.

PassportAmerica.com – %50 off camping at participating parks. (Good deal if you travel a lot)

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RVing Forums

RVHappyHour.com – I really, really like this one.

RV.Net – One of the biggest and best out there.

IRV2.com – Older well-established forum with a great archive of posts.

RVForum.net – Another long-running forum with a huge backlog of postings.

RV-Dreams.com – Great forum, especially for folks looking to go full time.

Little tip for you on forum searching. Besides using the websites own forum search many times you can  use Google to search the forums using the word site:”the website address” “search term”. For example site:irv2.com oregon coast.

Other forums to consider are rig specific forums. I own a Keystone Cougar so like using the forum – KeystoneRV.org – Forum run by Keystone owners.

RVing Blogs

LoveYourRV.com – Another resource I’m really, really fond of. 😉

WheelingIt.US – Nina does a terrific job with her blog providing all sorts of valuable RVing related info. Fantastic campsite reviews!

Technomadia.com – Need information on tech related RVing subjects? This is the blog to check out. They also have interesting posts on the nomadic lifestyle.

Top 50 RV Blogs –  Nice list put together by http://www.floridaoutdoorsrv.com/

Check out RV Happy Hour’s own Travel Blogs Group

RV Products

Amazon.com – Not just books Amazon also carries an amazing array of RV Products and Accessories.

RVUpgradeStore.com – Have used them a few times now. Good pricing and quick delivery.

Ebay.com – You won’t think of them first for RV stuff, but you can get some amazing deals.

CampingWorld.com – Sometimes they will have a pretty good online only deal going on.

Tweetys.com – Has an online store with lots of cool RV and Truck  parts and accessories.

Tax Info – Can You Claim a Boat or RV as a Primary Residence?

Helpful RVing Links

SafeTravelUSA.com – Great site for finding weather and road conditions along your route

SaniDumps.com – Hey when you gotta dump you gotta find a dump. This site will help ya!

YouTube.com – So many helpful videos and channels out there now.

Boondocking Resource Page – Thanks to TheGoodLuckDuck.com for such a great list.

Social Media for RVers

Pinterest – I love pinning! Pinterest is a visual search engine/bookmarking site. Perfect for collecting and organizing RV related content.

Visit LoveYourRV’s profile on Pinterest.

Google Plus – Google Plus has a feature called communities and there are many RVing ones to choose from now. Even one called RV Happy Hour!

Facebook – The 800-pound gorilla. Best thing about Facebook is the groups. Check out the many huge RV specific Groups on there. I like one called Living the RV Dream

Twitter – Follow your favorite RV twits and you’ll get a constant source of RVing info in quick bites.

If you have some favorite RVing Resources on the web let us know about them in a comment below and don’t forget to bookmark and visit RV Happy Hour! – Cheers Ray

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  1. Hi Ray,

    Great list of resources!!! Very nice. I think I need to quit my job and research RVs full-time. But, I guess I need to work, so I can actually afford an RV at some point! 😉



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