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Howdy Campers!

I just got off the roof doing maintenance on the EPDM rubber roof back seams. The factory seal is a trim rail with a wide bead of “Dicor” sealant for the joint between the rubber roof and fiberglass nose cone in the front and the rear fiber glass wall is the same way. Some of you know we had to replace the entire back end of our camper last winter due to water damage from sealant roof to back wall not keeping out the water. ( If you wan’t to see the rebuild look in our media albums “Replacement of rear wall”) We “Gooped” the back wall up real good when we replaced the rear end but Dicor calking has it’s limitations and will crack over time.


I went to the local RV store in Gillette, Wyoming ( Stalkups RV ) and purchased a roll of “DiSEAL roof tape 4’X50′ By Dicor. I know a lot of people have posted around the “RV Web” on Eternabond tape but I couldn’t find it around this area and need to get it on before the weather comes down from the great white north.

  1. I first cleaned the area with denatured alcohol and let it dry.
  2. The tape sicked very good, too good, and you better have in the correct place before you put it down because you wont get it up without lots of work.
  3. I heated the tape with a heat gun and smoothed out all air bubbles with a plastic squeegee.
  4. I used Geocel EPDM calk on the outside of the tape next to the trim and also roof cap. We used Dicor lap sealant on the tape to rubber roof. We put the calking around the edges of the tape to keep it from lifting up down the road.

This has worked well for our maintenance/repair and hope not to have to put a ton of Dicor on the joints anymore. Just sharing ideas around the site, if you have any we would love to here yours.

Happy Trails!!! —  RVHH Member @Eddie

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  1. Good idea Eddie, I remember the post you made (maybe it was on youtube also) of rebuilding the back of your Copper Canyon. Not sure but didn’t you also rebuild the bedroom slide also? I watched many who had to rebuild they sometimes run together. Thanks for the post. 😀

  2. Thanks Stephen! Yep, we had to rebuild the bed room slide, main slide, and back the back of the 5er.
    I posted on RVHH back in 2014, also we put some videos out last spring on YouTube.
    Happy Trails!!!

  3. Some of you know its hard to to replace the entire back end of due to water damage from sealant roof to back wall not keeping out the water.you should use RV Liquid Roof Repair and Coatings for this problem.

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