RV Quick Tips

Here are some of my favorite RV Quick Tips

RV Quick Tips

Is the Black Tank almost full tip

Just before the black tank gets to the right full stage the toilet will start to sound a little different and a small burp or bubble of air will happen. This means the waste level is above the vent pipe and it’s time to dump!

Remove Pesky Flies with Windex

Too get rid of flies instead of swatting them just spray them lightly with Windex and they will fall to the ground temporarily incapacitated. Then just remove with Kleenex. Better than fly guts everywhere, you actually are cleaning the rig at the same time!

Window foil

Use bubble foil, like in the car front windows in your rig windows to reduce heat in summer and keep heat inside in the cold. You can buy it by the roll and cut to fit each window. Also work’s well in the bedroom to block out early daylight, or for nice darkness during afternoon naps.

Get more even heating from your RV oven

Find a cheap pizza cooking stone and place it at the bottom of you RV gas oven. It will stop things from getting burnt on the bottom and even out the oven temperature. Make sure to measure your RV Oven and by one the right width and length.

Keep Shower Stall Clean

Use a sham wow type cloth and dry out the shower stall after each use. This keeps the shower stall from growing mold and removes the hard water.

Outdoor Wireless Thermometer monitor plumbing pipe temps

I use the wireless thermometer to monitor how cold my rig gets around my critical plumbing areas. This way I know if I need to take action to prevent a freeze up in my pipes.

Speed-up RV Freezer Defrosting

When doing the chore of RV Fridge defrosting use a hair dryer to speed up the process. Keep the hot air moving and not too close to the plastic.

Cork board on RV cupboard door

Use a Cork board on the inside of your cupboards or pantry door for recipes or little notes. Found this little gem of a tip making the rounds on Pinterest

Clean Iron Stained Porcelain Toilet with Tooth Paste

One time when camping in a park with heavily iron concentrated water our porcelain toilet bowl got badly stained by the iron. I tried many things to get rid of the reddish-brown stains. Finally I gave a whitening toothpaste a try and voila the stains scrubbed right off.

Boondocking Solar Light tip

In order to save our batteries, we use solar lights which you find in lawn and garden centers. We have a couple of pots of petunias outside with a solar light and we bring them in at night and put one in each room. The flowers make our camper smell so nice! A couple of solar lights without the stake can be placed on the table to play cards by or you can put one in the bathroom and one wherever you need a night light.

Water Regulator

Use a water regulator at the campground hookup to prevent too high of pressure from damaging your rigs pumping. I use one that keeps pressure at 50-55 PSI

Water Splitter

Use a water splitter on the campground water supply, this way you can have an extra feed for washing things. Also you can vent off the pressure when you go to disconnect. saves getting water sprayed on yourself.

Dozen Eggs in the fridge

When you buy a dozen eggs take a sharp knife and cut the carton in half. Now they will stack nicely in the small RV fridges.

I’m always on the look out for neat little RV tips and tricks that folks have come up with. I created a pin board on Pinterest where I collect RV Tip pins. If you have any great little tips let us know in a comment below or post it in our Tips and Tricks forum.

Cheers Ray

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  1. We discovered that reheating leftovers (which we always seem to have) works amazingly well in our rice cooker. We’ve done meat, potatoes, rice, veggies. Just put in a little water with the food and it turns out piping hot and not dried out..

    • Dicor says “Do not use cleaners or conditioners containing petroleum distillates, harsh abrasives, or citric based cleaners.” So basically stay away from anything oily as it can eat the rubber.

      I would think 99% isopropyl alcohol would be fine, I’ve used it to clean rubber drive belts for years.
      To clean my roof I use Dawn dish-washing soap and water to get the main grime off and then use a Rubber Roof Cleaner and Conditioner to finish the job.

  2. Next to my lovely wife Joan, Dawn is my best friend !!

    Quick tip:

    Save those little expanding foam sleeves that you get on apples and other fruit you buy at the grocery store. Put them on your wine glasses and such to keep them from banging together when you travel.

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