News and Notes for RV Happy Hour

Hi everyone, thanks again for joining us.


So far the site is running well with a few hiccups here and there as would be expected with a new website. Yesterday a spammer signed up and immediately formed a group and sent out invites. I was able to catch and delete them pretty quick, but some junk email invites to the group likely leaked out.


To combat this I changed the registration page and instead of a math question, new users have to answer a logic question, will make it harder for bots to sign up. I also for now had to limit new group formation to myself as admin. If you would like a new group formed, contact me and we’ll get it setup. I’ve also installed an anti-spam plugin that keeps a database of spammers and will alert me if any join our site.

Another new feature is the “Report User” button you’ll see in several places on the site. If you suspect an illegitimate user has signed up or a person is posting inappropriate content clicking the button will alert me and I can review the situation.

It’s a shame a few bad apples try to ruin the internet for others. I will try my best to defend our site from these people.

Galleries Coming..

I’m working on developing some galleries for RV Happy Hour. Each person would get their own personal gallery area to upload to and show photos and the Groups would have shared galleries where we could upload our own photos to share in the group. I think it would be a great addition to the site.

gallery example


So far I’m please at the way everyone is using the forums. I hope we can maintain them as a great place to exchange ideas, chat and make friends. I’ve seen on other forums where conversations can get rude so I hope we stay above that here, after all this is Happy Hour!  Probably best if we avoid religion and politics, there are many forums for that all over the net.

Here is a sort of tongue and cheek info-graphic I created. Winking smile

RV Forum Tips

9 thoughts on “News and Notes for RV Happy Hour”

  1. Ray, you are so thoughtful to make this site easy to use, fun and informative! Once I figure out how to add my pictures, I’ll be posting pictures and blogging away.

  2. Fantastic, yeah Ray always encouraging and helpful, love this site, always someone trying to cause trouble in everything, but seams like you have a nice group hear, freindly talkitive and of Coarse Norma, the food pusher, always something different for a change. Aileen

  3. This is a clean site, thanks, I know it is something you have to stay on top of. Technology is okay, but it takes a real person to not get it too muddled.

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