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  • Hey everyone, I have been reading tons of information on this site for a while. Good stuff. We are planning on going full time as soon as we can (next 4-5 years). We have looked at “full time” rigs and are narrowing it down to just a couple. Does anyone have any comments about their experience with an Arctic Fox or the Heartland fifth wheels? Any…[Read more]

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    • I’ve always like the Arctic Fox units, was on my list when we were shopping, just a little too far out of our price range at the time.

      • Thanks!

        • We looked at the 35-5z arctic fox. A “local” dealer had one. According to what I read from you and others, maybe a shorter trailer is easier to get into some of the better places. We are looking at 36’ and smaller but not so small that we get cramped. That arctic fox was 39’. Very nice trailer though, larger holding tanks and lp gas capabil…[Read more]

          • oddly enough, almost every person I’ve heard reviewing the “rv life” (you tube, blogs, etc) says they wish they had gotten a smaller RV when they started out. Doesn’t seem right, but that is what they say. Ours is a 26 foot travel trailer and so far it seems just about right.

    • We have a Montana and love it, I think it all comes down to floor plan and what you want to spend. Most RV manufacturers build close to the same they all have there problems. We been fortunate and have had no problems with ours. there are forem for each manufacturer i would suggest going on there and ask question. Just be aware a lot of people…[Read more]

      • Thanks.

      • We plan to travel to the show in January at Quartzsite to check some out. We have been to several dealers of various trailers and like some features, some not so well. I like the “man stuff” like suspension and tank capacities, tires and body, etc. My wife likes the interior and kitchen things. So far the Heartland has been a good match. I lik…[Read more]

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