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  • ski posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Our hearts are broken we
    will miss our Angie, Hugs from Ski and me

  • missing Angie have a safe trip home Lola

  • @raytronx Ray Anne and Angie, I am sorry to hear about your Dad and Anne’s mom. It sounds like they have lived a full life. I know I haven’t talked to you in awhile and I am sure you haven’t forgotten but your spot is still open here. No one has stayed here since you were here last. So you probably haven’t given your secret spot to anybody, but…[Read more]

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    • Thanks Ski and Lola, we are headed south next week, I’ll give you a shout on my cell when we get into the states. :) Looking forward to seeing you folks again.

  • @raytronx Hi guys, glad you had a smooth trip to BV Are you going to post some pictures? What site # did you get and do you like the place? I hope we didn’t steer you wrong. If my head was on straight i should of sent some firewood with you guys. I apologize for that but things kind of got crazy here the last couple of weeks. Ray,Anne,&of…[Read more]

    • We are in site #18, nice view of the water. Kinda dull and overcast weather wise so doesn’t look as pretty as it should. Lots of birds, trees and grass, big sites, like that. Too bad the air over here is so polluted, thick haze, smells bad. :(

      Super pricey. $40 plus and extra $5 for Angie so $45 dollars for the full hookup site at the waterfront.…[Read more]

      • Sounds like it is not a very BEAGLE{Dog} Friendly place to stay. That is a little over pricey. We try to go to the more reasonable places also. Plus dog friendly . Well you probably will not be there for two long, but thanks for the heads up. Pricey for sure. Hugs to you all and Angie from your Wyoming pals, safe travels for you all and we…[Read more]

  • @raytronx Hi Ray, glad to have you. James is here right now and I think he wanted to stay another night so we will have to see what happens. We still have the empty lot next door or maybe James will decide to leave early. It’s such a warm feeling to be so Ski

  • @otrgrumpyman James, you’re more than welcome here, I’ll be gone in the morning but should be home by 10 or so. our #’s are 661 7540520(Lola’s cell) or our home is 6618244237. I hardly ever have my cell with me but it is6617540521. Our address is 15652 L ST. Either way have pleasant travels. Ski

  • @suszzyq Hi Susan, we live at 15652 L st . My full name is Tim Prybylski and my girlfriends name is Lola Smiley(Frye). Her father’s name was Grant. If you’ve been in Mojave for a while perhaps you know them. I don’t reconize your picture but if you would like to meet us you can call Lola @ 6617540520. Currently she is taking care of a couple of…[Read more]

  • ski mentioned Susan in a public message 2 years, 10 months ago

    I am trying to contact a new subscriber named Susan@suszzyq. I saw her on rvhh and she said they were in Mojave , where I live and wanted to invite to boondock in our driveway but because i’m an idiot when it comes to email I couldn’t contact her. Could somebody let her know. Thanks,Ski&Lola…[Read more]

  • ski posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    I am not sure I’m adding friends correctly so please forgive me until I figure out this stuff . Thanks for being patient with me.

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