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  • I never cease to be amazed at some of the shoddy materials and workmanship on RVs.  It doesn’t seem to matter how much you pay for the rig, you better be prepared to spend a lot more.  Recently I looked in the rear view mirror at the front of my fiver and noticed the whole thing was on a slant.  All the leaf springs on one side had sheared of…[Read more]

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    Heading up to Utah, (I know, its down for many of you, but I’m in Arizona) to see the sights. Kanab, then to Park City for a herding dog event, then to Moab for Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. We’ve never been to any of these places so we’re excited about the trip.

  • I’ve had a Viair for about three years, and wouldn’t be without it. Have used it many times, usually for changing tire pressures between hot and cold temperature locations, but have also had a few emergencies. I like the blower attachment, and probably use that as much as the tire pressure pump. Great review, Ray.

  • @waltd I also have a Vicki of 42 years now. We have lots of the same interests: rock hounding, fly fishing, cooking etc. Too bad LA is so far away. Maybe we’ll find ourselves heading the same direction sometime.

    • I can almost guarantee we will cross paths…..all of Vicky’s relatives are across the valley from you in Glendale and we still consider that home. Our son and his family live in West Phoenix. We came east about 5 years ago to help my mom and also for job. Will be out of here and back to the west as soon as I retire in two years! :) I grew up…[Read more]

  • Been a while since I posted. Bought a Grand Design 5th wheel two years ago, and have been out and about quite a bit. It’s not set up for dry camping as well as my old one was. We seem to be doing quite a bit, so I need to do some solar and inverter work. Ray, I followed your stories about Saddle Mt. in Arizona, only about an hour from home.…[Read more]

  • We’ll be dry camping in Quartzite for 3 days in a couple of weeks, then on to Victorville, CA for a dog show. We’ll have four dogs with us the whole trip, but they’re great travelers. About a week of dry camping–need to find a dump station somewhere along the way. I’ve been OK for three days, but I’m sure I’ll fill up before this trip is over!

    • Funny, we just left Quartzite from Vegas and were in Cali for months. Now we are headed east to Texas. Have fun at the dog show, we have 3 dogs ;-)

  • Ray, just been catching up on old posts and ran across this one about the c crane radio. I, too, am a late night listener, and have heard the ads for this company on a program called Coast to Coast AM with George Noury. It used to be hosted by Art Bell and originated in Pahrump, NV. Most of it is pretty far out stuff: alien invaders, big foot…[Read more]

  • We breed and exhibit a Belgian breed called a Schipperke. It was originally bred as a barge dog. We’re heading for Tucson, AZ for a four-day weekend, and taking four dogs in our fiver to the yearly show at the Pima County fairgrounds. There won’t be much time for anything but dogs on this trip, but we always have a good time.

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    • Sounds like fun and lots of work with four!. I guess the RV is a good way to go versus hotels. You’ll have to share some pix of them all groomed up.

    • I love Schipperkes! They have the cutest faces…like they can talk to ya!

    • I have had 2 Schipperke’s. A lot of energy. Love them. Good luck at the show.

      • I had never heard of them but my daughter (the animal person) has. She showed me a picture , what cuties. I bet they make good RV dogs! She says they can be good guard dogs ,they will bark at strangers. – Nancy :smile:

  • I make some killer jalapeno poppers.

  • We had a super time in Rocky Point, Mexico last week. None of the problems or issues that the media plays up so much. We wish we had taken our dog. Many people in the RV park we stayed in had their pets, and said they had no problem crossing the border either way–just need to have a current rabies certificate. The water was perfect, (our site…[Read more]

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    • Awesome Ken! That’s great about the pets, was one of the reasons I was hesitant about heading down there. Where did you buy the vehicle insurance for Mexico and how much did it cost? I seen quite a few insurance places in Ayo.

      • Hi Ray, I’ve tried several different insurance places, but the one I like the most is the gas station right at the border in Lukeville, (on the US side). Cost will depend on the coverage you want–I just get liability on my ’08 F350, nothing on my 31′ fiver. For 5 days it cost $37. I suppose that’s taking a bit of a chance not getting full…[Read more]

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  • Planning our next trip to Puerto Penasco, (called Rocky Point by us gringos). Leaving the middle of October for a week or so.

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    • Cool! Heard the beaches are beautiful down there. We got pretty close last winter at Organ Pipe but never crossed over to check it out. Ran into a fair number of RVers returning who said it was nice.

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    We live in Arizona, which has pretty liberal gun laws. When I was taking the concealed carry class, they emphasized learning the laws in the states you will be traveling in, just as James said. We go to Mexico now and then, and we have to make sure there are no bullets, powder, cases or anything related to guns in our rig, let alone guns. You…[Read more]

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