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  • Greetings sir. It works well.

    Together the fans move a great deal of air. I’m hoping I can begin to use the refrig on electricity now. Previously the refrig would not cool unless I ran it on LP which in turn added more heat.  The Dometic fan I installed last year was very noisy and didn’t move much air.


  • The Dometic refrigerator in our Riverside Retro Trailer was getting extraordinarily hot in the cavity behind. The wall of the bathroom next to the kitchen was getting dangerously hot during the day.

    To mitigate the heat, I had added a Dometic fan earlier last year but it was noisy, ran all day and did not move enough air, leaving the wall hot to…[Read more]

  • We just returned from Lake Worth FL. John Prince CG.  Very nice, many diffrent slips to pick from. Hard to beat S. FL in February.

    We have a 2017 Riverside Retro Model 195. We one to the top of the mountain on the camper journey. Decided last year to downsize the TV and Camper.  We have been very happy.




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  • Fast question. Does a Dometic (Freezer on top) refer run hotter on propane or electric? My issue is the cabinet that the refer is built in gets very hot at the top and sides.
    Thanks, ,
    Peace and joy,

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    • Ray replied 2 years ago

      I’ve never really checked. But most units now have an external vent fan run off an automatic thermal switch to control the heat back there. If it is too hot you could always install a better fan.

  • Checking in from vacation  in Santa Rosa, FL.

    Our 2017 Riverside RV Retro 195.

    Here are some indoor photos.

  • Greetings all. Just stopped in to join the conversation.
    We are on our third camper. We down sized from a 36’TT to a 20′ Retro TT. Even downsized the truck.
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    • Hey Scott, welcome. Wow, cool old, ermm I mean new trailer! Would love to see some pics of the inside.

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