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  • Completed the install of the auto-transfer switches and ran wiring to the battery compartment for the 3000 watt inverter I plan on adding next month.

    The old switch was mounted on the back of the electrical panel. I removed it. Additional wiring had to be ran for the converter so that it no longer ran off power from the panel. Instead it’s now…

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  • Michael posted an update 2 months ago
    One step closer to completing my solar mods. I’m replacing my existing auto-transfer switch with these two. They’ll be daisy chained so that the inverter will be the primary source of AC power in the RV but the generator and shore power will take precedence if running/plugged in.

    I’ve already remove the old switch and am in the process of wiring…

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  • Thanks for the complements. I do have an updated diagram of what I have planned for next year. I’ll be removing a few of the components I’ve installed for the purpose of integrating the solar/battery system with […]

  • Michael posted an update 9 months, 3 weeks ago
    Because of my current job situation I’ve had to push out a few of my changes. I’m hoping to make these changes this next year. The current inverter will be replaced with a 3000 watt model tied directly to the existing AC electrical system. This will allow me to also remove the 2 outlets I’ve installed temporarily. Not sure if I’ll keep the panels…

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  • Still working on ideas for changes to the existing solar system I installed. I had seen a system installed on a bus which peaked my interest in that it had 2 A/C inputs (shore & generator) as well as solar. What I didn’t see were auto transfer switches. This would definitely simply my system. The guy who installed the system used this package. The…[Read more]

    • Sometimes it’s nice to have separate components in case something fails your not totally dead in the water.

  • Michael posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    I’m also considering replacing the clevis pins and clips with 5/16″ x 5′ steel rods and pins. This would mean I’d only have to remove one rod to be able to raise each panel up thereby reducing the time it takes as well as simplifying the job. When it gets warmer up here in MN I’ll test this idea.

  • Michael posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    I discovered Go Power makes a plate for running your roof mounted Solar Wiring into your RV. If I hadn’t used conduit to run the wiring through I’d probably use something like this to reduce cost. Found them on Amazon for under $30.

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  • Michael posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago
    I’ve been planning out changes to the solar mods I made this year (2016). In order to simplify things and better integrate the changes into the existing system I’m planning for 2017 to remove the inverters, switch, outlets and associated wiring I added and replace it with an integrated 3000-watt pure sine wave inverter along with 2 auto-transfer…

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  • Project: Solar and Battery bank addition for an RV

    The Project: to install 4 – 140 Watt solar panels, 6 – GC2 208-amp hour golf cart batteries for storage and all related hardware onto an RV.

    The Pur […]

  • Made a few more changes to the documentation including redesigning the wiring diagram in Visio. I’ll post a image of that separately as well in case the on in the PDF is hard to read.
  • Michael posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago
    The wiring diagram of the solar mods.
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  • Finished up the electrical mods. The last was the installation and wiring of 2 inverters (800 & 1600 watt). They can each be turned on remotely from a 3-way lighted switch in the RV. The inverters are wired to two outlets in the RV. I may extend the wiring and add two more outlets under the kitchen cabinets but for now the new outlets should work…

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  • Michael posted an update 2 years, 6 months ago

    Just a quick update. I’m still working on the documentation of the solar mods though I’m on hold till the snow melts and the temps get up a bit. We’re still hovering around 0. Some day’s more some days less. There are a few more photos I need to get for the documentation and I don’t really want to climb up on top of the RV when there’s still ice…[Read more]

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  • Updated photos of the modifications including one of the Beast itself.
    Still need to clean up the wiring in the coach itself. I need to drill one additional hole through the floor into the new battery compartment so I can feed wires for a remote switch to the inverters I’ll be installing as well as the 120 volt feeds from the inverters into the…

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    • Nice job! Love the way you have labeled all the photos, look forward to the PDF.
      I’m going to be upgrading my little system soon. Got my eye on a Trimetric monitor as well.

  • Finally finished all the wiring and the system is producing power. Didn’t have a chance to take many pictures before I had to leave so I’ll get some more when I go back up North this weekend. Completed all the wiring in the coach on Sunday night and the exterior wiring between morning and evening hunts. I had to scramble to finish up the conduit…

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