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  • I have seen that RV previously, the question is where do you park it? I geuss if you converted a portion of it to a garage space? It is certainly ostentatious and pretentious (IMO) Have fun, travel safe !!


  • I am retiring in June, We are and have been planning since last year to RV full time. In preparation I have seen countless stories, videos, vlog’s and experiences that highlight the struggle and challenge of such a lifestyle. Despite these challenges how many of you honestly regret RVing full time ?? I would enjoy hearing your sage advice and…[Read more]

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    • We have been full time RVing now for 7 years, we have a decent nest egg of savings and employable skills to return to regular sticks and bricks life anytime we want but have no plans to do that, Love the life. :) That being said, it’s not for some, but the only way to know is to giver it a try. :)

      • Yes, for sure. We have been full timing over 11 years, and love it. Like Ray said, just got to give it a try. Happy Trails!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We enjoy it. No regrets.

    • We have close to 3, 2 if you get technical. No regrets of course we do like to Workamp at our pace. We in Valdez, Ak. now.

    • I have been full timing it now for 3 years. I am retired from the Army. I look for places that fit my lifestyle and rig. I travel with a ATV and motorcycle. I try to learn all I can on fixing my own RV. Saves time and money. If you can’t fix it yourself ask someone on this forum. And you can always take it to a shop. You will have problems on the…[Read more]

    • Don’t miss the sticks and bricks at all. We’ve been full timers for 8 years and have met more fabulous people and seen more spectacular places than most people will in a lifetime of vacations. For us this has outweighed any negatives we’ve incountered in this lifestyle. You both have to be on the same page or it may not work for you. Be debt free…[Read more]

    • We are just newbies at this just over a year no regrets only slight problem we have is kids and grandkids but with Skype FaceTime telephone text message it turned out very well .

      • With 24 grandchildre, we use FB, Messenger, Gizmo and Plenty of Facetime. It is nice to see the grandkids recognize who you are as opposed to when we were kids and had to call, then explain to grandma or granddad which Grandchild you were, by phone, a rotary phone none the less !! Thank you for the input. Be Safe !!

  • And I thought I was bad. We are planning to hit the road in the near future, 12-14 months. The hardest concept I found was cutting the emotional tie to the “STUFF” we accumulate over the years. including the backpack my father fabricated with his father when he was in Boy Scouting! Family memorabilia is a hard one. Digitizing photos is wonderful,…[Read more]

  • We are ready to purchase a Cougar, the 321, 36′ plus a few inches, I’ve read number of horror stories with leaks in the slides, however, Your maintenance on the slides after the trip is a great idea for my checklist. Do you have Slide covers? Have you had any other issues? The Race’s

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