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  • The further north you go the bigger and more numerous the bugs seem to get. I am not exaggerating. Last summer a mosquito landed at the airport. The ground crew pumped 40 gallons of avgas into it before they realized it was not an aircraft.
    Anyway, the point of my story is this: I think in one of Ray’s videos he mentioned putting something like…[Read more]

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  • March first and spring is supposed to be right around the corner. Enviornment Canada issued a Winter Storm Advisory for most of Alberta resulting in 20 to 25 cm of snow accompanied by winds gusting to 60K…In further developments the Groundhog was gunned down this afternoon as he emerged from a downtown Calgary restaurant. Amid the screeching of…

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  • My grandparents were both American (on Dad’s side) and I am very comfortable Stateside, but we live in interesting times. Is anyone apprehensive about boondocking in rural or out of the way areas? I’m Canadian (eh) so I don’t carry a firearm. I might throw a hockey puck at an intruder or a Tim Horton’s donut. What is the consensus on this?

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    • Hi welcome eh.Had the same feelings if Ray can do it LOL Love yah. We try to meet the neighbors if we any. Let them no that we will watchtower things if they go into town.
      I did get a flashlight ( TAZER) In quartzite big tent .

      • Thanks! Makes sense re neighbors. I carry sever flashlights because my granddaughter loves them. I gotta check out that Quartzite thing when I get ‘down south.’

        • Yeah quartzite it’s a one time thing for me .
          They did have the best pizza I had a long time that’s silly Als

    • I don’t know what percentage of RV’ers carry a weapon…or have ever needed one, but I don’t and have never had a problem. BLM land is enforced pretty well as to who is recreational camping – even if you never actually see anyone from the BLM :)
      And it is getting harder and harder to get out of cell phone range so that helps. I think just apply…[Read more]

      • I feel very secure when we are camping to the point that I don’t always lock the trailer door unless we go into a nearby town. I’ll check out more Vlogs. I’ll show my wife Beth although she is not a worrier about such things. Thanks!

        • Can’t blame you for being careful….our “news media” tends to follow the motto, “If it bleeds, it leads” :)

          • This stemmed from a conversation I had with a friend of mine. I wasn’t too worried but I thought I’d check. I’ve been ‘across the line’ many times and have always felt comfortable.

        • And of course it helps if like me, you don’t have much worth stealing to begin with :)

    • I feel way safer in a rural area than in an urban area. Any theft we have experienced or jerky people mostly have been in or near a city.

      • Well, you do have a brave guard dog. I’ve never really given it a thought in all the camping and RV’ing we’ve done here in Western Canada. I agree re rural areas.

        • Biggest theft we have had was Anne had her $500 USD mountain bike stolen. Happened in Nanaimo BC where she grew up while staying in the Living Forest Campground, they came in a night and cut the lock. I swear there is a lot more petty crime on the BC coast than anywhere else I’ve traveled, lots of druggies.

          • I’ve never lost anything in a campground but when I forgot to lock our truck (parked in front of the house) my nearly new Garmin GPS/Dash Cam was stolen. I thought that was that but about three months later I received a call from the police. My GPS had been recovered along with a bunch of other hot items in the back of a car. The cops identified…[Read more]

    • Like most respondents here I have no worries on Federal lands no matter how far from civilization I am. In fact in real remote areas such as Buenos Aires NWR there is such a heavy boarder patrol presence they actually get to know you😁. The closer you get to urban populations the iffier thins get😨😨😨. Stay away from city RV parks and things will be…

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