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  • Stayed here at McHood Park for a few days. This is a Free camp site for 14 days, not far from Winslow, AZ. They offer pull through paved and gravel back in RV sites with picnic tables and BBQ grills, Sites are overlooking the reservoir. Flushing toilets, trash. No electric or water.
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    • Looks like a nice spot, got your toy hauler tucked in there real nice!
      Also you are close enough to the Grand Canyon
      if you wanted to run thru and see the south rim for a day trip,
      Happy Trails!!!

  • @raytronx I moved to the Hopi Travel Plaza near Holbrook, AZ. I need to try to decide on what to due next.

  • @raytronx Sorry to hear of the passing of Angie. I to have had the heartbreak of losing a dear pal.
    I had two dogs that passed away due to old age. Wishing you and Anne the best.

  • James posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    I’m so disappointed! I will not be able to camp in Valley of the Gods. I drove through the 17 mile loop this morning in my truck. Due to the recent rains in the area the road is in bad shape. All the easy areas near the entrance off of Hwy 163 were taken and I could not get the RV back to the other areas. I did see a road grader starting on r…[Read more]

  • @bluejean What size batteries did you buy? (AMP Hr). Where did you buy them. I would like to look into them and see if they would work for me. Thanks

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    • I got mine from a shopping list that @eddie gave me.
      Your usage might be different than mine (I am certain) and there might be other choices for your situation. If you are serious, you should hit him up for the install since that is his forte. It’s more than batteries.

  • James posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    I have made it to Gooseneck State Park, UT. I will be here for a couple of days. Then off to Valley of the Gods. I am at the 2nd finger from the viewing area. They have Vault toilets & Trash only for $10.00 a night. I am at the area where the rock ring is.

  • I am now at Lone Rock Beach, UT. It is part of the Lake Powell Recreation Area. It is a park on the beach type camping. It has RV Dump, Fresh water at dump site, Trash. No Hook-ups. With your National Park Pass it was $7.00 per night.
    I am mid way to the beach. The weather is a little cool 55F at night and 60F day. Still on my way to Gooseneck…

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  • James posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago
    I ‘ve move to Kaibab Paiute RV Park in Fredonia, AZ. It is on the reservation in northern AZ. It is on the reservation in northern AZ. On my way to goose neck State Park Utah
  • I have been hanging out at the Virgin River Dam BLM area. Checking out Zion National Park. Will be here for a few more days. I want to go check out Gooseneck State Park and Valley of Fire BLM area.
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    • That looks like a amazing spot .
      Should be down there in about 15 more days.

    • Looks, nice and clear there.

    • The photos were taken before Hurricane Rosa passed by. All we have from the storm is clouds and light rain,.

    • It is a nice spot. You get morning traffic noise. Also you have people come in from the park at night. Most of them leave in the morning.

  • @eddie How is the little house coming along? Will you be bring it to AZ this year? Hope to see all of you soon.

  • James posted an update 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    I have moved to Red Ledge RV park in Kanarraville, UT. I needed to get ready for a Boondocking stay down by Zion National Park. The park is small and close together. It is a Passport America park. $30 first night, then $15 for up to 6 nights.

  • Ray, why did you go with the Dexter original brake drums? You could have purchased aftermarket drums cheaper. But good job on explaining the steps you went through.

  • @bluejean When are you coming to AZ again? So I can check out that super solar system of yours.

  • I also spent a night at Peggy’s Sue Diner in Yermo, CA. One night at the Mad Greek Cafe in Baker, CA. I am now at Ellis AFB in Las Vegas, NV. Was thinking on going to Valley of Fire for a couple of days.

  • James posted an update 1 month ago

    I have moved to Virgin River Canyon Campground in AZ. I will be here for a couple of days. I am wanting to go to southern Utah and spend some time checking it out.
    Does anyone have some suggestions? I want to checkout Boondocking areas that I can take my 40’ toyhauler into and really good, but not to expensive RV Parks.

  • James posted an update 1 month ago
    So Valley of Fire State Park was awesome! I stayed in the nonelectric side of Atlatl campground site # 17. Some of the camping areas were closed due to being warm weather, It was 95-65 F. Had to run the AC to cool off before bed. I was able to go to most of the main attractions in the AM and chill at camp in the PM. I saw RAMS while I was their…

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  • James posted an update 1 month ago

    I spent 4 nights at Del Mar Beach on Camp Pendleton, CA. Had a nice time checking out the USS Midway Air Craft Carrier and San Diego, CA. Must have a Military ID to get on base.

  • I am spending the night at Viejas Casino in Alpine, CA. You can only stay for 24 Hrs.
    I will be heading out to Camp Pendleton Marine Base tomorrow. Will use this site for checking out the San Diego area. The parking lot is big, but unleveled. Is good for a overnight stay though.
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    • Cool. I remember driving by that casino one year when we visited SD. It was a cold winter and I remember it was snowing up there a few days later and the SD local news was up there telling everyone if they wanted to see snow! they could see it up there. Had to laugh. Everyone was very excited!

  • James posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Heading out to CA coast, again. In Gila Bend, AZ now. Hopefully no more problems.

  • Good job Rey, I also used Gorilla Tape to rescuer the underbelly. I didn’t need the wire this time. Maybe after I cut mine up as much as you have I will need it then. Your’s looks more like Frankenstein put back together again.

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