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  • well its been a wile, a lot of things have happened . we were suppose to be in Virginia at this time but my stepsons girlfriend dropped the grandson off at the school bus stop in June and never came back so we have been here supporting my stepson and step grandson so that he has a stable home so that we can start are adventure next Oct,

  • @raytronx hi ray, well im starting my journey soon. one of my plans is to visit you up in vancover when your there. does the campground you stay in fill up wright away or are their openings at a certain time of year? your you channel has helped me alot in preparing my trailer for the road.

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    • Sometimes on the long weekends, it gets pretty packed but usually, I see quite a few open spots each day. Safe travels. Cheers!

  • im at my seasonal getting ready to go get our 19footer at yogey bear campgrounds in emporia va. we will be bringing it back here were i can work on it and get it ready for our snow birding in VA. we will also be going to myrtle beach on aug 21st for the eclips so if any of you are planning to go. look me up

  • hi everyone, just an update. at the end of march I was hospitalized for a staff infection which put me in rehab for a month. this set our plans to go full time back by a month. I am recovering now with about being 90% better and recovering nicely. I hope to be back in full swing soon

  • well its been a wile since ive been here but here is some news. even tho in retired i have still had to work. well the job im at, my boss lost the contract so i am out of a job at the end of March. i was hoping to work till i was 62 and take my S.S. but now i have to push my plans up and start my full time RVing sooner. i have a seasonal here in…[Read more]

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    • You won’t regret RVing while you can. I don’t hear many folks say they were sorry for doing it. Will be interested to hear how the Lithium install goes. Cheers!

  • @markstan Hi mark, what I would do is go over the camper and see what you have for options and what is not on your camper. read your manual carefully and know how to work things. also, know where all your components are like the water pump and hot water heater, how they work, maintenance etc.

  • hi keith I see no ones responded yet to your inquiry, well let me see if I can help. I am new to full time camping so i have been doing a lot of research  on it and here is what i have come across so far; first, do a lot of you tube searching.  second, here is a web site for heated products that i think can help you out on this subject. h…[Read more]

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    well here we are down in Emporia Virginia, we are storing our camper here for the winter. we are also looking to come down here to use it when we fell like getting away. wont have to worry about snow storms. had to spend $800 in vehicle repairs in order to tow it down here. still have other issues like the battery system and making sure its up to…[Read more]

  • well ive finally tore into taking my camper apart, i was having a problem with the water pump and found out that it was underneath the bed platform so I dismantled the bed platform and found the problem. there was a set up for winterizing and it was open and the valve for the tank was closed, so I closed the one valve and open the valve for the…[Read more]

  • well I started to use my new camper, had it stored in Virginia at a yogi bear campgrounds. wile returning with it to Connecticut i noticed a stress fracture across the upper part of the cap. this was not noticeable unless the sun hit it a certain way. well i called to company up about it and they said that it was out of warrantee. im going to have…[Read more]

    • We have found the warranties are a joke. The only good warranty will be you and all the wonderful people on this site. Post it and there is someone out there that is worn that tee-shirt. Good luck be with you.

  • @raytronx hi ray, it nice to meet some one who is on the road full time and posts his adventures. i have subscribed to a few full time RVer you tubers and yours seemed to be more realistic and down to earth with accurate information on the life stile. the one thing that is lacking is information on how you get your income. I am retired from a city…[Read more]

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    • Have you checked into workamping? A lot of different type work there. How about working the Beet Harvest in the fall. From our studies theres a ton of stuff for full timers. Just got to do some work (haha ugly word these days) and research. We just retired in July 2015 and not yet ready to return to work.

  • found a cheaper lithium battery, 100ah instead of the 300ah, $1,300. just bought the LED bulbs for the interior lights and outside light, $116. will be going to Virginia were the camper is stored next month and install them. will have to save for the battery.

  • I have been a camper for over 20 years and all ways desired to go full time. I retired 3years ago and last year paid for a 19′ travel trailer by IDEA. I started looking on line for advice but found that all the topics were on larger trailers and none on small campers. so I have decided to start a topic on dry camping in a small trailer. I have…[Read more]

  • hi everyone, new to the RV life but been camping for 15 years, decided to go full time so I checked out you tube and found Ray. bought this ultra light trailer because I can tow it with my blazer but the draw back is its small so Im taking on short runs to work out the kinks for the long runs. looking to meet Ray on the road along with the rest of…[Read more]

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