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  • Well we are into our third month and finding out that the advise of our dealership is a bit short. They said that one panel solar 150 and two 12v batteries would do us. We are finding that rubbing two sticks together would produce about as much. We have a momentum 351 and have to run the Gen. every night for a couple of hours to get enough…[Read more]

  • Thank you all for your help on our solar adventure. We have a lot to learn on all this. We can see that we are pretty darn low on the solar power. Will do some shopping away from the dealership. Looking at the wiring from the panel we have does look a bit anemic. Thank you all again.

  • @maguire Hi and yes both Eddie and Ray know there stuff.
    Only advice would be if you can afford it put
    As many panels you can
    A little hack for the wire is to buy booster cables
    In the wire size needed #2/#6 25 feet use that as
    Your wire to Solar charge controller Remember the fridge vent down to anywhere in your camper is the best place to go .

  • My goodness. After reading all this on the number of panels and all the watts and such.  We are way low for our outfit.  We are very new to all this and took the advise of our dealership.  We have a 39 ft Momentum 351.  The dealership told us that one 150 watt panel and two 12v batteries would be enough.  We are pretty good in the day time but…[Read more]

  • Just an update on the last post. The vet feels both dogs will be ok. We were able to bring our Aussie back with us. The Vet warned us to watch for any changes in him. The other dog was put on IV’s

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    Just to let anyone with dogs or cats …We stopped for our first night on the road at willow springs road just north of Moab Utah. Our Aussie got pretty sick. Took him into Moab Vet clinic. The Vet said this is the second case in two days. He said he was worried somebody was throwing something out for the dogs. His words not ours. Both cases…[Read more]

  • Just wondering on how everyone is dealing with the weight limits on their outfits. Not the trucks. Ours is 3,000 lbs. Heck the razor (Polaris side by side) and the water weight takes a big chunk of that for sure. I really don’t want to leave the wife home. We thought about taking the 5th wheel over to a truck stop and see if they will weigh…

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    • LOL We are in the same boat drove by a few cat scale and just closed my eyes and keep going.
      We are still downsizeing trying to get the weight down.

    • If you see a “closed” weigh station, they usually leave their scales active. You can drive onto them and weigh. Just don’t go in there when they are open. And watch out for truckers…even when closed.

      • I have seen the closed station before but didn’t know they left the scales on. Great idea, thank you. We aren’t even on the road yet. Signed off on the house yesterday and leave tues. Wow…………………..

        • I remember the end of our first week in the trailer. We were both ready to toss in the towel. We were tripping over each other, the place looked like we had rolled the trailer two or three times….it was just horrible. But then things started to find their place, we learned to put stuff away and work around each other, etc. And now we love…[Read more]

    • And the truck stop will weigh anyone if you are willing to pay the $10 or $20. Just don’t go in there if there is a lot of truck traffic on the scales….

      • I have used the truckers scales before when I needed a weight for a couple of cows I had. The people running the scales are pretty helpful. Just drive on the scale and they will tell you what to do over a loud speaker. Then just drive off. Thanks for the replies.

    • The cat scale by me charges 8.50 per axle.
      A state dot scale i tried was off by 2000 pounds. maybe they locked the scale when they were not there?

    • I use CAT Scales at truck stops all the time to weigh the RV. They don’t mind at all.

    • We just got a bigger “Tow Vehicle”!
    • We had our Vanleigh weighed by RVSEF. They use a set of scale like racing teams use. It weighs each individual wheel. This way you can see how your load is distributed.

  • That is the reason my wife wants a flame thrower installed on the front of our truck.

  • I know this has to be a greenhorn mistake but.  When I tap on a notification (like I did with Jeff) it disappeared.  Can I get these back so I can read them?

  • Well after reading the downsizing fun everyone is having.  I don’t feel so bad.  We finally sold out and getting rid of just about everything.  The kids won’t let the grand kids come over without them.  We filled their pockets with everything we could.  Neighbors wave but tell us they don’t want anything either.   We are heading out in a few weeks…[Read more]

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    We sold our home of 15 yrs and have one week left to finish moving everything into storage. We purchased a 39ft Momentum toy hauler 5th wheel. We are both retired and I think (ready?) for all this. As soon as the tumbleweed wagon is loaded we are heading out.

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