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  • Laurence posted an update 3 months ago
    Weather forecast from NOAA ; winter 2018-2019 Dec Jan Feb. US. Forecasting pacific Northwest very warm! Picked this off the news last night. What could that mean ? That is very warm, would that be a relative term,, compared to the area?
  • Laurence posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    I checked the date of MFG on tires and it’s 2412 and 2812 .WOW .Never looked always assumed they would be in the same year as the trailer MFG date .I guess you could say I was running on borrowed time.

  • Just finished our summer trip covering aprox 3100 miles and 8 wk From BC to Alberta Montana, Idaho Washington. I have the original Goodyear Marathon Tires and would estimate have a least 14000+ miles. The tread and side walls are in very good condition and what I have read and understood that ST tires should be replaced every 4-5 years and I am on…[Read more]

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    • Nice trip. I’d change them. A blow out can cause major damage and expense when it’s from inside rot they usually come apart with a large flap of tire spinning at highway speed. Marathons don’t have a good rep –

    • If I where you, I would change them out, even though they look good on the outside they tend to rot from the inside. I think its just a matter of time before you have a tire failure and all damage that goes with it. I look at it this way changing them out it cheep insurance.

    • Well it’s three for three Chang.e. Them out.
      Thought I had good tires had blow out and it took out one of my jacks tore off the wires and the foot pad not fun.

  • Looking to pull the trigger on a AP propane monitor not sure to get the 2 with or without the monitor. Android savvy. Any experience here please .
    Signed tired of guessing how much gas I have

    • I have the kit without the monitor. It works great on my iPhone. The reason I opted to go without the monitor was at the time it was only intended for 20 pound tanks. I understand that an updated monitor will be available soon that is programmable. I may add it at a later date, but honestly the phone app works great.

  • Question and a fact check here Cougar owners .
    Looked at this,2011- 35 Ft Cougar 5th wheel and noticed the back panel was bulged in places , only on the rear panel of the trailer. So I called the owner and he called the company that sold him the unit and they say ” it is normal to see this especially when the sun hits it as the rear panel…

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    • B/S , We got rid of our 2014 280 RLS account it was doing the same thing. Literally
      coming apart.

    • The back of our Cougar definitely is not constructed the same as the sidewalls. The back has inward flex when pushed on in many places and some bulges or waviness to it. Been like that since new, though. I would check the floor back there and see if any of it feels soft.

    • We saw it. They had a horrible time with that cougar.

    • Yeah , I’m not all sure about the waffle wall, seems to me too deformed to be a construction method. I’m going to check the floor with a moisture meter when I meet with the owner tomorrow. I do have a Flir One that i picked up this past year but do not have it with me ( damn it ), that might have revealed something more definitive. I did watch…[Read more]

    • Here is another video from a few years back that shows the bottom of the back wall at a pretty good angle to see –

    • So I meet with the owner today taking moisture meter readings with my meter and tested OK, that is the moisture in the trailer floor in all areas was consistent around 12% even at the rear wall . BTW that is the same reading I get in my floor. The one thing that I did learn was there is a fresh water holding tank in that area below the floor…[Read more]

    • So I passed up on the 5th wheel last week not because of my earlier concerns but for other reasons, A tech did check out the rig removing the lower covering and it was all good. Just wanted to set the record, and that the Cougar was in Excellent condition.

  • We always use this induction plate while camping you basically can eliminate the gas stove top, (which my wife is not a fan of) it is incredible for camping, bought it about 3 years ago @ Costco approx. $80.

    It has two settings, 1-temp, 2 -watts output. They are so efficient that (200-1300 watts) I can cook off of my 1000 watt inverter. They heat…[Read more]

  • Laurence posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Checked the Batteries yesterday after charging them again over the weekend and did readings with a new Hydrometer, all cells passed. I pulled them out of the trailer yesterday and took them down to an Interstate Dealer today to get second option . They tested both the Volt meter and Hydrometer tests as well as a third test which induced a draw of…[Read more]

  • Checked the batteries today (hydrometer), 2 Interstate group 27 ,12volt 4 yrs. and they look sick ,most of the cells failed 11.75 and below . I have a 160 watt GO POWER solar panel and the control panel gives me a reading of 12.89 volts as well and she’s plugged in. Confused as to the difference in readings . Any ideas ?

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    • Is that 12.89 volts with panels in sun and connected? Because that would just be the charging voltage and not the state of charge of the batteries which the hydrometer reports.
      I’d tend to always believe the hydrometer as a true test, but maybe it’s faulty. Could retest with a new hydrometer, a cheap one is one about 8 bucks. If they were at 11.75…[Read more]

  • Great work Ray. I had tech guy out this month to check on my Atwood trailer furnace, turned out to be a failed electrode shorting out. I would have never figured it out but the price tag was $240. Can’t imagine what this guy would have charged for labor doing a water tank R and R . Anyway nice to have that skill set to be able to dive into it eh.

  • Shopping online for me now is only , or if the Canack buck was better Never a problem.  Cheers Ray.

  • At the time my goal was to get it installed , BTW it took over three months to get my camera . They tried shipping it to me and I tracked it to New York (why there when we live in BC), where it was refused entry into Canada , TWICE . Then because we where going to the Seattle , I gave them that address and received the camera down there.. What a…[Read more]

  • Ray , I wished that I could say I had a similar experience with Tadi Bros, but not . Bought their wireless camera to pair with  my Rand McNally RVND 7730 . I mocked up the instillation but could not get a good signal to my truck . The camera that they sold me was  not a true wireless as yours is built into the camera  but one they sold me you ha…[Read more]

    Check this out , finally a LP tank monitor that works with your smart phone . I’m thinking one is all you need with a two tank system . Not so sure about durability sitting under tank in my case its at the tongue of the trailer, all that vibration etc .

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    • Very interesting device. Sounds like something Ray should do a review on. It seems like a great product but wonder if it works as advertised and how durable it is. $38 is a lot of money to monitor LP tanks…

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    • Out here @ Pedder RV and Marina , they tell me they will be open year round . In the past they have shut the RV camp down mid Oct ,( after Thanksgiving weekend) .

    • Rates are not posted on the internet but here’s the low down Winter Rates; Nov01- March01 (See RV site map for location ); Standard 600 , oceanfront premium 650, ultra premium oceanfront 700, ultra premium oceanfront with deck 750 . Includes WiFi Shaw Go which is excellent and you just log on using their account ( we are Shaw customers and…[Read more]

      • Cool, sounds like a nice option if we ever need to stay in Canada for the winter. I grew up in Colwood and Metchosin. When I was a kid my grandparents lived in the Pedder Bay trailer court, it was all mobile homes then. Used to visit quite often and really enjoyed the area. Good fishing out there, also a great swimming lake nearby called Matheson.

    • There is no cell phone service out here so I use Hangouts on my Android phone (works on WiFi,) just downloaded the app today did a call out and works great, not sure how someone can call me though. Learning curve going on here.

    • if you remember the mobile homes you wouldn’t recognize it now!! huge change…for the better.Matheson still great for swimming

  • On the way to Castlegar BC went through the Crowsnest Pass . Leaving Creston BC figured wrong that I had enough gas in the tank, but just barley made it .Fortunately had a 5 Liter gas can that I use for the generator ,dumped it in near the summit and by the time I got to the bottom of the pass we had about 2 liters of gas coming into Salmo BC…[Read more]

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    • Highly recommend this camp site even if your not a golfer . Well run, all amenities are 10 +( washrooms and laundry , WiFi ) and for $30 /nite where can you get that in the summer?!!
      BTW,the golf course is beautiful .

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