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  • Hello all, looking for more of your expert advice! We sold our 24 ft class C and have bought a 28 foot Arctic Fox 5th wheel. (Not new, is a 2009). We are now shopping for a used truck. We have decided on a 1 ton diesel 4 x 4. Looking for a used one of these apparently is like searching for a unicorn. Not many good low km ones around. We were…[Read more]

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    • Ray replied 3 months ago

      Pretty well any 1-ton diesel is going to tow your size of the fifth wheel well so I’d look for the one that is in the best condition and that you like looks, features and colorwise. Everyone has a favorite make so you’ll get all sorts of different answers when it comes to brands. :)

  • Hello Ray, I trust you are enjoying CR this summer as we are. We are preparing to go full time and are leaning towards selling our home and banking the proceeds for our future exit strategy. My question is, did you and Ann sell all your furniture and belongings or are you storing them? It feels daunting to think about getting rid of it all but at…[Read more]

    • We sold and gave away all our furniture. Only kept Annes old antique piano, a big BBQ, some lawn and garden tools and my tools and electronics test gear, business tax receipts, clothes, etc, etc. At first, we had a 12×8 storage room, after 2 years we sold off a ton more stuff and moved into a 5×8 room. It’s mostly for Anne’s seasonal boating…[Read more]

    • We sold it all just keep the wife’s antique hutch,and my 14 point white tail deer head LOL. We picked up a sea can 40ft
      20ft rest of the house shit and 20ft for our 67 Buick skylark GS.

  • Hi Ray, this is Karen again from Campbell River. We have had a wonderful time in Arizona and New Mexico. Really have appreciated all your advice. Sadly we have to start heading back to CR. Was thinking about going through Salt Lake and across Idaho. We will be at Valley of Fire in a few days so was looming at that route vs up to Reno and through…[Read more]

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    • Sorry, Karen, I don’t know anything about those routes. I always take the coastal route up the 101 highway starting north of San Francisco.

    • The road great now I live in Twinfalls,and weather looks good for awhile.

  • We ventured into New Mexico and are loving it but is a bit cool and wind making it feel colder. It is +14C in Truth or Consequences. Just came from City of Rocks and Rockhound State Park. We are wanting to head west from Albuquerque into Arizona and Petrified Forest. It seems cool everywhere. Might head to Superstitions looking for a bit warmer…[Read more]

  • Hi Ray, we have followed in your path and are currently at Turtle Rock enjoying a 3 day stay (50% off is lovely!). I have a question for further along the route. Once we get to Sacramento, is there any difference between taking the I-5 or the 99? We want to go through Bakersfield and Barstow. Do you recommend one over the other?

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    • Ray replied 1 year ago

      Its always hard to say depending on construction year to year. But the last few times I took 99 it was terrible, so I’ve been taking I5 last couple of years. For years I5 was a nightmare through Stockton but they have finally finished most of the new highway construction there. Basically, after Stockton, the I5 is long and boring, 99, on the other…[Read more]

      • OK. Will take I 5. Any recommendations of overnight spots between Ukiah, Williams, Woodland?

        • Ray replied 1 year ago

          There is free overnight RV parking at the Robinson Rancheria Casino, we use all the time near Clear Lake – https://www.rrrc.com/ and we often stop at the Happytime RV park on I5 near Dunnigan. Easy on and off the freeway, pull thrus about $25 a night and right beside a truck stop for fuel, propane, and stuff. It’s kind run down, but does the job…[Read more]

  • We are preparing to leave Campbell River BC right after Xmas and head to Arizona, California and New Mexico for 3 months or so. This looks like a great resource. This is our first extended trip south.

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    • Nice. :) Hope the weather treats you well on the way south. Happy Travels.

      • Thanks Ray, we are planning on coming down the Oregon coast. Once we get to Calif, somewhere around Eureka, what route do you recommend taking from there at this time of year?

        • I usually take 101 to just before Ukiah CA then take highway 20 over to Williams and down I5 – https://goo.gl/maps/CSdT2faZmbN2
          Unless its abnormal you shouldn’t hit any freezing weather during the day.

        • Google maps and your gps may show/suggest other routes. Don’t be tempted. Ray’s route is the only route that is any good this time of year with the exception of 299 to Redding (but it has problems with rockslides)

    • Great rock hounding weather this time of year! :)

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