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  • J J posted an update 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi all, just finished up a couple days at Craggy Wash BLM just outside of Lake Havasu. Enjoyed the area but man was that boondocking area packed tight, rigs were wedged in there like sardines. We found a spot to wedge in rig in but I would not have wanted to be any longer than our 36 feet. I wouldn’t recommend going in there if your not very…[Read more]

  • Settled in here at our site on Plomosa Rd, weather is perfect. Did the obligitory drive through Quartzsite this afternoon, the whole town is a flee market and I must admit I’ve never seen such a large collection of junk in all my life.

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    • Hey JJ DID see any Lippert Components 377962 Foot Pad – Rear Hall Effect Jack looking for one lol after that tire blow out a month back.
      Thanks Jeff

  • J J posted an update 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Picked up and mover across the wash today….. Ah… the perfect spot….. When for a little hike in the hills and discovered an old gold mine.

  • J J posted an update 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Well, we,ve moved on from Phoenix further west into California’s sand dune country. Although we enjoyed our week in the city visiting with an old friend I am happy to have moved on. I don’t much care for the big city RV parks, as I’m sitting on my patio right now looking at the mountains and enjoying happy hour it’s easy to understand why. We are…[Read more]

  • Camped out for the last few days at Gunsite Wash, there are about a dozen other boondockers here but its not crowded by any stretch. We meet up with a very nice couple who are also from Ontario, a little unusual for Arizona as most Canadian folks here are from BC or Alberta. The weather has been great but we are forecasted to get a little rain by…[Read more]

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    • Ray replied 9 months ago

      I’ve been meeting a lot more Ontario folks this winter. :) You plus 3 others this last week or so. I guess Texas is too cold! :)

      • J J replied 9 months ago

        Yep, your right. We have met several couples this year, Dan and Dianne are just a few hundred feet up the wash from us and like us we are just tired of the congestion in Florida. Once your into Jan it’s time to move west out of Texas into warmer Arizona.

  • Went into a local Version shop the other day to inquire about their so called ” unlimited plans”. The manager went into great detail to explain to me that there were limits, depending on local tower use, yada yada yada….. Then he went on to tell me that mobile data was not intended to serve as a primary internet connection, like say service to…[Read more]

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    • I find that in areas with a lot of RVers and RV parks, they don’t build the capacity to handle the peak winter season. A trick I’ve used with some success is to switch my MiFi to 3G Sometimes I find its faster than the overloaded 4G.

    • Interesting idea Ray, my hotspot is supposed to switch to 3G if no LTE service is available however I don’t think I can switch it manually. I’m convinced at this point the wireless providers are selling something they know they can’t deliver. My view is this most likely will only get worse until the infrastructure is moved to the next level of…[Read more]

      • JJ, you would be right. It just so happens that I recently left the wireless industry and here are some things that I can tell you are fact:
        The current wireless data infrastructure, indeed, cannot handle all the traffic. There are all kinds of “fly by night” directional drillers putting in higher count FO cable all over the country to try and…[Read more]

        • Donny, thanks for filling in a few blanks on this story. As RV’ers we are always talking about cell (data) service and that generally the quality of your service is dependant on !. the Plan, 2. The carrier, or 3. if you have a certain kind of booster setup. Problem is none of that matters when the majority of towers are up to 25% over capacity.…[Read more]

          • JJ, you are again absolutely right. Especially with the leaser. They get 2nd dibs to the carriers customers when they lease. Which is why you might see crappy signal 200′ away from a cell tower.
            To kind of expand on DAS poles, they exclusively handle data and they have a smaller range than towers, but the idea is that they can help with…[Read more]

      • I have an ancient 6-year-old Verizon Jetpack. In the settings accessed through the web browser under Network -> WWAN there is a drop-down box called WWAN Preferred Mode I get a bunch of choices. One where I can force it to only use 3G. It sure saves bandwidth and is plenty fast enough for most web browsing. They may have dumped that option with…[Read more]

        • Ray, we use Verizon MIFI jetpacks at work for our field guys and that option does not exist on our current jetpacks which are about 2 years old.
          In the mountains at high elevations, they get ZERO signal.

    • I’ve got news for the Verizon manager you talked to. Most of the kids and young adults in this country do use their phones as their primary internet connection. That’s why the smartphones do twice what a top end computer could do just 10 years ago. Also why the latest phones have evolved to have fairly good sized screens. They are little…[Read more]

      • Hi Guys, thanks for adding to the discussion. As you recall from my first post I was very surprised to hear this from a company manager. I also believe he was being absolutely genuine with me. I have three kids, in their 30’s, none of them own a personal computer and all use the smartphone as the sole source of connectivity. That said they all…[Read more]

  • J J posted an update in the group Group logo of BoondockersBoondockers 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hey folks, anybody been into Whitney Pockets BLM recently? I’m looking at heading in there in a couple weeks and was wondering what the road was like……

  • Holy Crap, Sunday it was 74F, and today its 29F! Its only going to make it to 45 tomorrow…… This coming weekend temps are forecast to back in the high 60’s to low 70’s….. Till then I’m hiding inside the coach.

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    • -4 at my stick built this morning. Friday for us is supposed to be 70, but then we get snow on Saturday. The weather is always wacky in Colorado, but watching what’s going on with it around the country is just plain nuts.

      • J J replied 10 months ago

        Yep, its a crazy ass winter for sure. Next month we are moving west to AZ and I hope things are a little more stable there……

  • Couple of photos of the park we are in just outside San Antonio.
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    • Very Nice JJ. Just one question:

      Where is the nearest Taco Cabana? I loved those things when I was in Texas!

    • Well, San Antonio is the headquarters so there are a ton of them here. There is one about 10 miles up the street, the park in the very south west corner of the city.

    • I was at Lackland AFB for a little bit at I got addicted to it then. I didn’t know they were HQ’d there though.

    • Interesting, I spent some time at Lackland in the mid 90’s

    • I was there in 2007 when I transferred from the Army to USAF. However, I did enter the Army in the 90’s.

    • I started in the Army as well, 1978, spent a couple of years then went back to school. Graduated and got my wings in 1985, retired in 2013. Small world…..

    • I went in in 1997. Got out in 2012. Almost made it to the end, but my body and the US Gov’t had other ideas. A small world indeed.

  • Happy New Year Everyone! Little chilly today in San Antonio, 28F, its putting my knowledge of how to manage cold weather camping to the test. The good news is all systems are a go, well except my auto changeover LP regulator. It didn’t switch over last night for some reason, perhaps the safety valve was stuck, I’ll have to do some testing when…[Read more]

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    • 28 degrees and San Antonio (San-An-tone as my Pop would call it) do not belong in the sentence. That’s cold for Texas!

  • J J posted an update 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hey Y’all! Arrived at our new haunt for the next month, Alsatian RV resort. This is a very swanky place and I’ll have to post a few pictures of the park over the next few days. This is the first RV park we have stayed at that is on a golf course, a built in park if you will. In any event we are looking forward to exploring the San Antonio area and…[Read more]

  • J J posted an update 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hay All, Merry Xmas! Think we will have a fire tonight to celebrate the season and well, just because we can. In a few days we will be repositioning to south west Texas, just outside of San Antonio. We are ready for a change of scenery after a month in the panhandle.

  • J J posted an update 11 months ago

    Just returned from visiting with our new granddaughter in Kamloops, BC. We had a great couple of days up north in the mountains but it’s nice to return south and get back to the RV.

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