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    @raytronx Ray this is Jeff, I was wondering if you have done any investigating of an ARP device? Absorption Refrigeration Protection Device, are they a gimmick or a good investment in a refrigerator. I know that Dometic and Norcold have extreme protection but by then you have already destroyed you frig. and does nothing for out of level application. This sounds good to me ,I would like your input?

    • I think I remember them sending an email a while about working together, but when I had a look at the website I decided against it – The terrible web design and super bright colors everywhere, usually used by spammers, don’t invite a feeling of confidence in the product at least that’s the way I see it. So, I didn’t pursue it.

      It may be a good product, I didn’t look into it too much. I guess the main thing to find out is if it will void any OEM or extended warranty and if its old technology solving a problem that has been already addressed in the latest generations of RV fridges. Cheers! Ray

      • Thanks for your quick response! I appreciate your advise and I will keep researching this, mainly for the out of level benefit for towing with frig on and going up and down grades!

        • Your usually good when the RV is moving it keeps the liquid flowing in the piping. We actually have never towed with the propane on so no fridge and have never had an issue with spoiled food. Just don’t open it much.

          • I have towed my 2010 Cougar with the fridge on propane from coast to coast and from North Idaho to South Arizona. Over 25,000 miles never had a problem with it… Just my 2 cents…

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