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  • @raytronx Ray this is Jeff, I was wondering if you have done any investigating of an ARP device? Absorption Refrigeration Protection Device, are they a gimmick or a good investment in a refrigerator. I know that Dometic and Norcold have extreme protection but by then you have already destroyed you frig. and does nothing for out of level…[Read more]

    • I think I remember them sending an email a while about working together, but when I had a look at the website I decided against it – The terrible web design and super bright colors everywhere, usually used by spammers, don’t invite a feeling of confidence in the product at least that’s the way I see it. So, I didn’t pursue…[Read more]

      • Thanks for your quick response! I appreciate your advise and I will keep researching this, mainly for the out of level benefit for towing with frig on and going up and down grades!

        • Your usually good when the RV is moving it keeps the liquid flowing in the piping. We actually have never towed with the propane on so no fridge and have never had an issue with spoiled food. Just don’t open it much.

          • I have towed my 2010 Cougar with the fridge on propane from coast to coast and from North Idaho to South Arizona. Over 25,000 miles never had a problem with it… Just my 2 cents…

  • @sjensen42 Did you guys make it to Texas yet? I hope you are warmer than us! We are opting to say in Ohio this year, the summer we explored Ohio again! I say it was wonderful to be warm all last year! Good health and great travels!

  • @weebee9 Just wanted to say Hi, last year wife and I spent 7 mo. in our camper, 2 mo. as host in Mohigan State Park ,Ohio in the summer, then went home for a mo. and left again for a snowbird trip to Southern California for 5mo. That was long enough for my wife, we return home and this summer explored Ohio again! My be next year Florida may be our next?

  • Great pictures Ray. Is that your new camera equipment you got a while ago? Very smooth, especially as you were walking and taking. Great weather, I am stuck in Ohio this year and winter is on us! Maybe next year? It is great following your adventures! Great travels and enjoy!

  • @jeffslomskygmail-com So great to hear from you guys! Hope you are and your family are doing well. We are headed to Texas this year. Going down to Mission Tx, then Galveston and Fortworth area. All subject to change of course. We were just thinking about you last week, wishing you were going down this year, maybe next winter? We will be down…[Read more]

  • @sjensen42 I am finally trying to understand this site! I am so glad I did and found you and Martin. How are you getting along, are you going south for the winter this year again? We have thought of you guys often. Well wishes! Try to stay in touch!

  • @jeffslomskygmail-com Hey, the camper is equipped with Dexter Torsion axles. So I had to use a kit ordered from e-trailer made for these axles. Worked perfect and it was a pretty easy install that I did myself. Not only made it tow level, but distributed the weight back to both axles more evenly. I have CAT scale tickets where I weighed each axle…[Read more]

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    • If you could find pics, greatly. appreciate !!

      • Scott replied 1 year ago

        Okay, it may tomorrow before I can get those pics out to you. By the way, this was a bolt on kit, all holes were pre drilled and bolts were provided as well.

        • That’s just fine. Can’t wait to see the pics! Thanks

          • Scott replied 1 year ago

            I apologize, I cannot locate the photos that I took of the lift kit install. I have posted a link below to the installation instructions that Dexter provides with the lift kit. I have towed this camper about 700-800 miles since the install, and haven’t noticed any difference in handling. Thanks,…[Read more]

  • How did you raise your rig, shackles or fram weldment?

  • Jeff and Sharon posted an update 1 year ago

    To Scott on show us you rig, what route did you use to raise you rig to the proper height for your new truck, longer shackles or special frame for the 2.5 inch of lift?

  • I finally have met Ray and wife Anne after several years of following them on their journeys. What a great couple! Wish all the luck and great travels for both of them!

  • The first time I visited Salton Sea and Oasis Palms. I really like the views. Our first snowbird visit. Lots to visit and see!

  • @jeffslomskygmail-com Hi Jeff & Sharon. I live in AZ. I just came back from a Elk hunt near Payson, AZ. The weather up their was very pleasant. Low 70’s day and 40’s at night. It will be getting colder now that fall is here. It was around 7000 Foot altitude. I agree with Eddie that the southern part of AZ & CA can be a little warm if you are not…[Read more]

    • Thanks for the information on the weather. I hope to be leaving in about 30 days for my western trip. I’ll keep altitude in mind. Hope to end up near Yuma or Quartzite. I still haven’t gotten my truck back since the tree fell on it. Any day now I should get it back!

  • Thanks Ray and Walt! I needed a little sympathy!

  • Well after some remodeling on the house we decided to try hosting at Mohigan State Park, Ohio this summer. Well towards the end of time there was a quick short wind storm and some rain, maybe 15 minutes. We had park my new 350 dually at the came store to get the golf cart, since the weather said it may rain. Well it rained and the only tree that…[Read more]

  • @raytronx I have been following you and learning about the southwest. Sharon,I and my dog are planning a snow bird type of adventure where the snow does not fly by the fall of 2017. We are not new to camping as we have visited most of the east of the Mississippi in all kinds of camping equipment. As for now we have a 2015 Cougar 28 SGS fifth wheel…[Read more]

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    • Cool trip! My advice, take a look at a relief map of the southwest and you’ll find huge elevation changes. This affects temps dramatically. Low lying parts of AZ and CA will be in the 80s and 90s by February and March, many snowbirds begin to head up to northern AZ, New Mexico, and Utah to escape the heat in the spring.

  • Here is my 2015 Cougar 28 SGS last summer. As it winter here in Ohio it is all wraped up! :bye:

  • @eddie Now thats what I am dreaming about! Maybe next year I will be somewhere like that?
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