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  • Well Sammy has been to the vet’s for “fixing”. Pretty sad boy for the first day but has bounce back well. Has to wear the cone of shame for a few days. We have taken to referring to him as snow cone. Don’t think he likes that name.
    Great veterinarians at Altas Palmas west of Harlingen, Texas. Good prices – even with exchange for Cnd $ still…[Read more]

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    • That’s interesting about the cost. A friend was just talking to me about Canadian prices being cheaper in everything medical (human and vet). I wasn’t sure how true that was. At least vet wise it sounds like it may be better to be in the states.

  • Feeding deer at Port Mansfield, Tx.
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    • They know hunting season is over lol. Deer are much smarter than people give them credit for.

  • Terry & Carol posted an update 10 months ago

    Out to Port Mansfield yesterday. Fed the deer. Had some friends with us and that was a first for them. They were thrilled. Sammy went with us and still can’t understand why those big dogs have antlers and won’t play with him.
    Stopped at the Pelican’s Roost for a great shrimp lunch then toured around the port for a bit. Lots of pelican’s, more…[Read more]

  • Put the new water heater in yesterday. Surprisingly only took a bit better than an hour. Still have to install the outside cover. Had lots of helpful people giving advice but only two that got their hands dirty. She who must be obeyed is very happy now.
    Found the leak. Pin hole rust through at the bottom of the tank below where the anode…

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  • New hot water tank came in late on Tuesday. Wednesday was cold and raining. Today cold and rain forecast. Boss lady is being very understanding but wants to know when the hot water will be back. Doesn’t like the answer “soon”. I have suggested SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) can crawl into the underpass and help. Carol isn’t talking to me now.…[Read more]

  • A bit of a mess. Hot water heater let go last night. New one ordered. Have garden hose for water supply. Could be worse I suppose. Will be interesting to see if its the same issue Ray had with a bad weld. Suburban 10 gal tank – SW10DE if anyone is interested.

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    • Sorry to hear, good luck on the fix. Do you have a water heater bypass valve? maybe you don’t need to use a garden hose.

    • Bad deal, like Ray said do you have a water heater bypass? If you do you can use it to bypass the WH and still have normal hook up to City Water/or pump.

      • Yes I do. Was a bit wound up about the issue and wasn’t thinking right so just shut off the water to the trailer. The boss lady (she who must be obeyed) was the one who pointed that out. Watched Ray’s video again and started the tank removal. New tank will be here next week. Lucky we are in a RV park with good facilities. Only have to boil…[Read more]

    • A buddy installed a tankless water heat he got it from eBay .
      He said it was very easy .

  • Hot water tank removal started.
  • Time flies when your having fun. Hard to believe we have been here in Texas since December 5th. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • @hubsrvlife Hey, thanks for the video! Anytime I can get eyes on something that you normally don’t have apart is great.

  • Had an issue with my electric front landing gear. In-line fuse kept popping.  Hand cranking 5th wheel landing jacks are not my idea of fun.  Called McPhail’s of Harriston, Ontario to get some advice.  They had seen this issue before and knew the fix.  Since it was a wiring issue (manufacture cheaped out on the build) I decided to let them do the…[Read more]

  • Many, many thanks to Ray for getting us back on to the web site. Not sure what happened but suspect Windows update messed up. Could not even request a password reset!

  • @hubsrvlife Haven’t been on here forever. What park did you end up staying at in LaFeria?

    • Hey Sharon. Like you – not on here all that often except when it is close to heading south time. Not sure if I replied to you on this. We stayed at Kenwood RV resort. Been there twice. It has changed hands. The new owners are not looking after the place all that well which is one of the reasons we are going to a different RV park.
      Do you or…[Read more]

      • We stayed about 60 miles south of Corpus last year at Sea Wind RV Resort on Baffin Bay. East of Riviera on hyway 77. We are going there again after Christmas. Where are you going?

        • Saw your earlier post that you are staying at Victoria Palms. Brother- in-law stayed there two years ago. We went to Don Wes a few times last year. It’s a flea market right south of your park. Probably go there again this winter. Something to do.

          • Yup. We go to the flea market a couple of times a year as well. If you are going let us know. Like to drop into Port Mansfield to feed the deer. Googled Sea Wind. Looks like a nice spot.

    • Sharon there is a large herd of fairly tame deer who have developed a taste for doggie Milk Bones. The bucks can be a bit aggressive. As you can see they are pretty small. If you go we highly recommend Sweet Gregory P’s Smokehouse Grill for lunch. If you want sea food then Pelicans Cove Bar & Grill is good. From Riviera take 77 south to 69E to…

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  • Pretty awesome.  Thanks for the post & pics.

  • Getting ready to head south come the end of November. Booked into Victoria Palms, Donna Texas. If anyone is going to be in the area this winter then let’s get together.

  • Looks like the annual maintenance was not done.  Just went through something similar.  Hot water tank relief valve (RV) was dripping.  Figured it was probably time to replace the RV but it would not budge so refilled the tank left the heat off then popped open the RV.  Got a bit wet, ok a lot wet but when I reseated the RV it stopped dripp…[Read more]

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  • Tried something a little different for dinner. Carol loves lamb so I did smoked lemon pepper orange lamb chops. Turned out pretty good. Carol loved them.
  • Had a great day at South Padre Island. Sammy was not too sure at first but got over it soon enough when he found he could chase birds. The heron or crane was a different story – he couldn’t get far enough behind mom.
  • Terry & Carol posted an update in the group Group logo of RV PetsRV Pets 1 year, 10 months ago

    The new Sammy proof screen door. Grate bought from Lowes for $24 and installed in less than 20 minutes. I now happen to have a good sized roll of screen and spline after replacing the lower screen.
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