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  • Cannot live without our Instant Pot, use it at least twice a day.  For coffee we love our French Press and have the option of heating the water on the stove if boondocking or with our electric kettle.  We also have a single induction unit that has proven quite handy.

  • Bruce replied to the topic Power issues in the forum Ask for Help 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    You are welcome Chris.  Your choice of converter is independent of your 30 amp RV as that is the total amperage provided to your rig to operate the various AC loads in your rig.  The determining factor is the output amp rating of your current converter, which you will want to match as your rig is likely to only have sufficient wire gauge to the b…[Read more]

  • Bruce replied to the topic Power issues in the forum Ask for Help 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    A word of caution, The Progressive unit is an excellent choice and Progressive Dynamics makes outstanding products, but before ordering, check Progressive Dynamics website.  When I ordered a Progressive Dynamics EMS unit a couple years ago, there website indicated they would not honor the warranty if purchased through Amazon and certain other…[Read more]

  • We have one I installed just over a year ago and overall like the convenience of it,  Here is my mini review;


    1. Easy and quick to install.
    2. Much more convenient than keys, though I do tend to carry the fob and have found it useful in some situations.


    1. Since leaving Phoenix, AZ for the east coast with high humidity and more rain,…

    [Read more]

  • Indeed Ray it looks promising from a buyers point of view.  We have narrowed our selection down to 3 and as of now a dealer fairly close to where we currently are has all 3 on their lot, so a good opportunity to see them side by side as it were.

  • Good tips thank you.

    • Best part we are from the east and have traveled back and forth to the west the last few years and we always planned a stop in at Tishomingo Service Center for the Vanleigh’s. In Tiffon family fashion the service is outstanding. And always stop in and say hi to Bryan, Adam and Shawn up at the Burnsville Plant it’s a family deal for sure. We are…[Read more]

  • We are full-timers getting ready to trade our truck camper in on a 5th wheel.  We have narrowed our search down to Grand Design Solitude, Vanleigh Vilano & Keystone Montana.  They all seem to fit the bill for full-timers and have very good to great reputations.

  • We have been subscribers and watchers of Ray’s Love Your RV You Tube Channel for a couple years now which we have enjoyed and found useful.  Just getting around to join this forum and looking forward to meeting folks along the way.

    Lin An and I are full-timers with our two Akita’s.  We sold our home last January and moved into our Eagle Cap 1…[Read more]

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