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  • @svanarts Is that your “death trike” in your profile picture?

    • Yes, and that is me defying death on my death trike. I’m a private pilot, flew fixed wing for 25 years including two planes I built. Then I sold it all and bought a Nirvana trike and Dudek wing. Someone talked me into PPC instead so I sold that and bought a Six-Chuter P3. Now I’m selling this to get the down payment for my trailer and looking…[Read more]

      • Sorry to refer to your trike as a “death trike”. Friend of mine had a small trike and after rolling it several times it quickly got renamed and listed on eBay!

        I have a Dudek Nucleon. The motor sits easily on the RV’s bicycle carrier. Yes, much more practical when travelling. I like the convenience and portability of PPG and lack of license. I’m…[Read more]

        • No worries. I fell over on my Nirvana trike once and it took me 45 minutes to get out. No one else was around. Must have been what it was like being born, trying to wiggle out of that mess. Located in Modesto, California. Home of George Lucas and a handful of murderers. :-)

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    What’s my beef? I don’t think you can beat a nice stew with dumplings especially on those sub 10degC days when your lithium batteries won’t charge. If too many people have too much solar power it is just going to suck all the energy out of the sun and make it go out. Then where will we be? I was just getting used to the higher temperatures from…[Read more]

  • Flyingppg replied to the topic Which Solar Panels? in the forum Solar Power 5 months ago

    I’m hearing that you can never have too much power it seems. Like a flat screen TV it can never be too large.  :bye:

  • Hello Jerry and Martha, it depends on the sun you have but if that is good generally a 150w panel and a couple of batteries will keep up with low energy lighting, charging your phones, a bit of laptop use and a little TV nothing more. If you are running a microwave, fridge, leaving your inverter on all the time then you need to spec up a lot! If…[Read more]

  • @flyingppg I guess your little camper suits you fine.

    But me and the others here prefer to use free power from the sun instead of generators which need gas or burning costly propane.

    How much juice does a TV use per hour? Microwave? Electric appliances  Computer? My lifestyle is very comfy and lacks of little.

    Maybe you don’t use any of those,…[Read more]

  • Hello Jeff, that’s insane! Did you ever find out why your charge controller was struggling to find it’s maximum power point and running up and down the VI curve all the while? Didn’t seem right to me. Nice off road electric bikes too! It’s rare to see even a single large 60 element panel on a vehicle over here. You’re all doing solar on a…[Read more]

  • Hello Eddie and Eileen, 1500 watts! Maybe 6 x 250 watt panels, that’s 5m x 2m of clear roof space just to fit the panels? What batteries do you have? I don’t use power like that at home. What are you driving, must be a bus? What are you powering, must be a steel foundry?  :Big-Grin:   :Cool:

    We’re planning on joining you next year from about M…[Read more]

  • Jeepers Doug, what are you wanting to power with that 800-900w of power on your roof? Blackpool illuminations? ;-) Given you sound unsure have you calculated the power you actually need? No point in over doing it. But that said you Americans do do everything much bigger over there.

    Without question, if they will fit, go with the 300w panels. They…[Read more]

  • Hi, the problem in your system, and from what I read in most of the starter kits on the market, is your charge controller. You are using a PWM charge controller which is very inefficient. You may be throwing away 20-30% of your power with that charge controller, almost a whole panel, and making them run hotter too which increases the losses…[Read more]

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