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  • Finally found 2 Nupower 175’s that fit on space allotted and now owner of 1 K of future free power. Already big diff in charging speed even flat on rig. Lots of other stuff too. After two months at SKP Park in Casa Grande, decided that this will be our base of operations for future. Put our name on list and are moving up nicely. Great friendly g…[Read more]

  • Just upgraded my Bogart 30amp controller for Morningstar 60amp and already seeing results of faster charge. Figuring out where we need to be with solar. May look at 2 more panels before prices jump.

  • @eddie Don’t know what to say as this is the first picture I have seen of the “Big Boy Truck” Fantastic Ride. Lynda and I are in Casa Grande till April. All our Al. Friends have been posting all the snow and and minus temps while we have been doing 70. Picked the right spot this winter. Looks like you are doing well. If you stop anywhere near,…[Read more]

  • Put wheels to good use and out of here. We said goodbye last week to our 14yr old Yorkie, Lily. Rest In Peace sweet friend. Christmas morn text from sister that 96 year old mom had fallen and shattered her wrist. Seems like Oregon Dreams will be re-thought. Heading to Casa Grande SKP Park for rest,recoup,rethinking renew. Warm desert sounds pretty…[Read more]

  • Finally opened Dungeness crab season close enough to me and harvested enough to make cheesy grits with crab meat. YUM. I would have taken a picture but they didn’t survive long enough. Campground is being sold and closes today so may rethink staying thru summer. Lots of changes and not all for the better. Thank goodness for homes with wheels. M…[Read more]

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    • Ray replied 2 months ago

      Yum is right. Sorry to hear about the campground. :(
      Merry Christmas!

  • @raytronx Just read the28 hr. Boondock on 101. Certainly test ones determination to RV. Glad everything worked out. Thanks again for Port hole get together. Enjoyed meeting you three.

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    • haha, ya. We knew it was coming one day, got away without a stranding for a ton of miles so just our turn. Bit of adventure and met some really nice folks, so not all bad.
      Least we got something for all the roadside insurance money we’ve been paying every year.

  • Ray mentioned Mark Kearse in a public message 3 months ago
    We stayed a few extra days at Turtle Rock Resort as the weather looked to be improving. Glad we did, awesome day today as the rain clouds cleared and the sun came out to light up the coast. Good beach walks and hikes, seafood lunch with @fisherguy and a tired little beagle tonight. Tomorrow we yard anchor and head into California. Cheers!

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  • Here at Turtle Rock RV Resort for this winter just in time for rainy season. That’s ok as we know Oregon in the winter. We are planning to stay here through summer and looking at a possible home base here. You would never guess who I saw Yesterday. I was on the website and just happened to look out my window as a Blue Ford truck with a solar…[Read more]

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    • Thanks for the welcome, haha, too funny! I think we are going to stay another couple nights as the weather looks to be improving, maybe even sun!. I want to check out Otter Point State Rec Area. So will see you again I hope. Cheers!

      • Ray,if you are going to be here on Friday, we would love to spend a little visit time either at our rig or at the Porthole which has some of the best clam chowder we have had.

  • Final day in thumb of Mich. and heading to Mackinaw Island for a little bit of touring and then thru upper peninsula and Wisconsin for a bit of fall color before connecting with I-80 at Iowa City. Hoping to slip between winter storms and into Oregon. Special shout out to Justin and Stacy for stopping by to visit us. So enjoyed our visit and…[Read more]

  • @seabeecouple Hope your progress back east is enjoyable and interesting. I have almost finished with repairs and maintenance. Wheel rebuild went very easy and so glad I took the time to look at mine, could have been disastrous. Wanted to update on plans up here at Port Hope. I will be leaving earlier than contracted. I will be leaving on Oct. 10th…[Read more]

  • Watching some awesome sunrises in the thumb of MI. Camper numbers fell off the edge of the world after after being full labor day weekend. Works out really well for me. I have rebuilt all four wheels after blown seals all around. Grease on everything. Lippert and Grand Design were aware on the 13 and 14 models but I went ahead and checked out my…[Read more]

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    • If you find you don’t like the Goodyear Endurance tires. Look into the Samson GL 285T.
      I bought four ST 235/85/R16 early this year. I have put over 4000 miles on them so far. I have a 38 Ft toy hauler and they have been great.

  • We now have our RV back and starting the process of reloading, wondering if it will all go back in. Also have to relearn where I put stuff and which light switch turns what on. I have to sing the praises of Randy Steavens at All-Around RV in Flint, MI. He did a fantastic job of rebuilding the end cap of my unit and kept me apprised of progress in…[Read more]

  • @eddie Just starting all kinds of trouble aren’t you guys. Worth it I bet! Also probably an extra trip or two for water. Sure hope we can get together sometime. Safe travel
  • We are excited that after a few challenges we have decided to head back to Oregon and Turtle Rock Resort when our tour of duty is over at Port Hope, Mi. Of course that depends on getting our RV back from repair shop by then. Typical waiting on parts, delay, their fault, wrong part ETC!!! So frustrating. Already planning trip west. Will also be…[Read more]

  • Just watching the sunrise on Lake Huron and the hundreds of baby geese in a floating armada swim by. In a little while, the dozens of swans will appear and like magic the geese will disappear. Lynda and I are discussing a return to Oregon and the west. We really miss it and the chance to exercise our solar cells. Would probably mean working our…[Read more]

  • And I am still alive. Life is just full of challenges. We got the go ahead for travel for Lynda. Yea!! Then had to spend almost $4000 dollars for truck fixes. OK, we have the money in repair fund. Down to Riviera, Tx for month as R & R from all the Doctor stuff and then to Bull Shoals, Arkansas to trout fish for two weeks. Bitter sweet as last…

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    • Well??? I guess you are having a life experience!?!?!?!
      After all that, we hope you will have Happy Trails!!!

  • Still alive, have spent the last two months in Alexander City, AL dealing with health issues. Hope to have clearance for travel Feb 10. Our travels will be different though, Lynda not able to do the 3000 miles back to Oregon but still wants to stay on the road. We both are so disappointed as we loved the northwest. Not sorry about my full solar…[Read more]

  • Thanksgiving in Clemson, SC with great food and colds all around. Still great to see family. Heading to Savannah, GA to meet daughter and tour before back to AL. Lynda in for surgery after Xmas and recoup for 4-8 weeks before heading west. Prayers accepted from all.

  • Still in Alabama doing Dr. roulette. Getting new headlights (cataracts) and should be finished by next Wed. New Brake controller to be put in tomorrow (ouch) but better than being pushed through a traffic light. Gave up our final storage so really no ties left in AL. except our friends and church. We will spend Thanksgiving in Clemson, SC then 4…

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  • Great job by Eddie as usual. I tell everyone that has an interest about his work and I can recognize his work anywhere. Hope to do a meet-up sometime this winter.

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