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    LolaandRush - "We ask those who pray to give a little prayer to all our friends down in the Florida Panhandle as the storm nears. We were to arrive in a few weeks to St. George Island for our two month volunteer maintenance gig […]"View
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    Craig and Sandi Mckenzie - "We are in La Posa South. Enjoying some wind and a little rain. Went to the Desert Bar just outside of Parker Arizona. A very cool bar in the middle of the desert. 4 miles in off of Hwy 95. A little bumper on […]"View
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    Ray - "Much needed fun and relaxation today. Anne and I took a leisurely drive with the new truck out into nearby Strathcona Provincial Park. Lovely autumn day, calm with temps near 60F, lots of color on the way from the […]"View
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    Stephen C Keller - "@lolaandrush I hope you have some recourse in recovering some if not all those funds you had to put in your truck. At least any would be a help."View
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    Kim Anderson - "One week until we head south to Quartzsite for a few days and then on to Tucson for awhile. Its time to get out of this Deep Freeze here in the Northwest and thaw out. It got down to 16 last night and they are […]"View
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    Dan Huhn - "@eddie Eddie how’s the new homestead coming along? Haven’t heard from you in a while"View
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    Mike and Lesia - "We hit the road yesterday. We went about 185 miles, after finding and replacing a circuit breaker and getting new tires put on. Washington, KS has a nice city park, 50amp service and water, $15/night. The sites […]"View
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    Jim Streeter - "Because of the leak under the shower, the insulation was soaked. Any suggestions as to getting it dry or just let it dry with time?"View
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    Laurence - "Weather forecast from NOAA ; winter 2018-2019 Dec Jan Feb. US. Forecasting pacific Northwest very warm! Picked this off the news last night. What could that mean ? That is very warm, would that be a relative […]"View
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    ski - "Our hearts are broken we will miss our Angie, Hugs from Ski and me"View
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    Walt & Vicky Davis - "sorry to hear about Big Blue, Ray. Iconic is a little strong, but the blue truck was certainly a very recognizable part of your brand. Hope you consider another blue truck when you buy."View
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    dave and nina lafontaine - "@raytronx Nina and I are saddened to hear that Angie has passed on. A very tuff time you guys I’m sure."View
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    James - "Stayed here at McHood Park for a few days. This is a Free camp site for 14 days, not far from Winslow, AZ. They offer pull through paved and gravel back in RV sites with picnic tables and BBQ grills, Sites are […]"View
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    Wayne&Marina - "@raytronx So sorry to hear about Angie, she will be missed by everyone, take care, Wayne"View
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    mike - "Question for the brains here, wife is eyeballing a 2017 keystone montana high country 370br, yeah I know, its on 52,000 bucks. Anyway I see dry weight about 12,000 pounds, salesman said 13,000 pounds, but would […]"View
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    Kim Oslund - "Hi Everyone, I feel bad about not visiting the site in a real long time. Will try harder to visit more often. Just an update on our next adventure. I have been researching and planning our three month trip to […]"View
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    Don Kline - "Well we are going back to Kartchner Caverns again this winter, Dec-april"View
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    Kent V. W. - "@waltd Anyone with a Trilobite for a profile pic is a friend of mine… :)"View
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