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  • Yeah, scratched my head over that but electrical can get weird at times. But moving forward just making sure all is good. Can’t wait to get her home and packed. Need some getting acquainted time. :Winking:

  • Well. I ended up taking the 5er back to the dealership on Friday morning after checking all I could and explained it all to the dealer. They checked it all out and called me this morning to let me know that it was all set and ready to go. The problem was a melted connector in the junction box. Apparently when I brought the unit home and plugged it…[Read more]

  • Stephen, Yeah, I was hoping it was just a bad breaker or maybe even the microwave but it looks like a trip back to the dealer for repair. Everyone here has been encouraging and helpful. Every thought and suggestion got me digging deeper and moving in the right direction. I’ve belonged to other forums before, not RV specific, and I chose this one…[Read more]

  • Well another evening of discovery. I pulled the micro, pretty easy, and the micro works fine plugged into the house. The circuit breaker tripped without the micro so I pulled the receipt and unwired it. Breaker still tripped. Pulled the breaker and ran a continuity check on the wire and it failed. Interestingly, the wire going into the receipt was…[Read more]

  • My wife and I started the downsizing 6 years ago when we moved to our new home. It has been an interesting process for both of us. We actually had a second home in northern Michigan that we sold 3 years ago with the anticipation of retirement and traveling in our 5er with the possibility of full timing in a few years. We had a Living Estate Sale…[Read more]

  • HI Paul, Yes, the new breaker isn’t tripping in the rig but in the barn. So the new breaker is good and I feel the old one was weak. I have had the thought of pulling the micro as well and checking the recept. That also might be the next step as well. Upgrading the extension cord was my first because of the amp draw. Just didn’t want to get into…[Read more]

  • Hi Stephen, Thanks for the feed back. I think you are right. That’s what’s got me scratching my head. On our previous 5er which was a 30amp rig, I could plug a 100 foot 14/3 extension cord into a 20amp 110 volt recept, have 120 volts in the rig and not have any breakers trip. Understanding that all I was using it for was charging the battery,…[Read more]

  • OK. Found an exact match to the breaker at Menard’s. Installed, powered, flipped the main, 12o Volts :good: flipped the new micro breaker. Pop. Tripped the main in the barn. Tried several times and got the same result. Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  :scratch: I guess I’ll call the…[Read more]

  • Doug Schneider replied to the topic Electrical problems in the forum Ask for Help 1 week ago

    OK. Powered up the rig. Had 120 volts on the volt meter. All breakers off and switched on the micro breaker and it tripped. Tried several times. Pulled the cover on the panel and inspected. Killed the power and pulled the suspect breaker and did a continuity check on it and it passed. Reinstalled the breaker and powered up again and tried. Tripped…[Read more]

  • Hi Terry, Actually, the micros off and the GFI is on. Of course the buzzing I heard might also be an indicator. I’m going to disconnect all power and then take the cover off and check the connection on that breaker. More than likely a loose wire. I hate split breakers. Had them in one of our homes and they got replaced as soon as I could.…[Read more]

  • Terry, The Volts stay at 120 dropping to 118 with everything on. I’m not turning the microwave on just sending power to the recept. I will however try your suggestion however, turning off all other breakers and turning the micro breaker on first. I believe it may be a bad breaker or lose wire. Going to pull the cover on the breakers tonite just to…[Read more]

  • The snows now gone and the early flowers are starting to show. We made it home safely on Saturday with the new rig. She tows like a dream and the FrankenFord didn’t mind a bit. Got it safely parked next to the barn and started loading her up for our first outing. A minor electrical problem to sort out with the microwave but very happy. Can’t wait…[Read more]

  • HI All. Thanks for your replies. It helped. The GFI in the bath was tripped and I was able to get the fan to work and every recept to work as well. Even the porch light switch worked! Now another problem…I have a 10/3 100′ extension cord plugged into a 20 amp recept plugged into the 50A power cable with a correct dogbone adapter. My volt meter…[Read more]

  • HI All, I’m new here and just brought our new to us fifth wheel home today. We just purchased a 2014 Sabre 33 CKTS from a dealer an hour away. We love this rig as it has everything we were looking for and it towed beautifully

    My question is we got it setup and plugged in. I have 120 volts according to the plug in volt meter. Our ceiling fan does…[Read more]

    • We upgraded our trailer in January. The new one has a slide and is about 5 feet longer than the old 26 Ft Springdale. I haven’t any pictures of the new trailer yet, and to tell the truth, I’ve sorta forgotten what it looks like. The dealership is storing it for us until April 1 when enough snow has melted to allow us to get it out of their yard.…[Read more]

  • Can’t wait to hit the road!

  • New here to the forums and thought I would share our new “adventure”. We have been RVing for 3 years now and just traded our “learner” fifth wheel for one that hopefully will fit our needs. We are picking it up tomorrow, March 10th, and bringing her home. It is a 2014 Sabre 33CKTS. We have been enjoying this site and all of the mods and upgrades.…[Read more]

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