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  • Campfire cooking, exploring the areas we travel to, Goodwill Hunting, my wife’s favorite. Biking Rails to Trails if in the area. Just enjoying being out and getting ready for the day when it’s full time.

  • Laurie and I like glass of Michigan wine, we even take bottles with us when we travel, or a local micro brew along with cheese and sausage. Pork rinds also make it into the rotation once in a while along with popcorn and peanuts. Cheers!

  • Been getting ready for our summer trips with upgrades and tweaking what stuff to take and what to leave behind. Had the rear springs re-arched on the SD and she tows much better. Also added Timbrens to help with the load. Also going to need new ball joints for the SD soon but still better than a payment on a new one!

  • We just bought our 2nd fifth wheel, used, back in January and have used it once on our trip down to Florida in April. We were looking for something with more room and looked at a lot of units and settled on one of the Jayco’s. Can’t remember which one though. We were surprised when the dealer we had been talking with sent us info on a Sabre.…[Read more]

  • Those all sound like great trips! Stephan, are you going to around Superior or do you have a destination. I’ve been to Wawa many times for fishing trips and when I was a kid, in 1967,  went on a fishing trip up to Geraldton with my grandfather. A wild crazy trip towing a trailer but the fishing was fantastic for a kid! Kim and Michelle, we just…[Read more]

  • With wanderlust in my heart, I’m always looking for adventure trips. We live in Southern Michigan and like to take one “long” trip per year other than our trip to Florida in April. We do long weekends in about a 5 hour radius of home and our long trips I try to keep around 1,000 miles from home. 2 Day drive. Looking at a Lake Superior Circle T…[Read more]

  • Just returned from our first trip with the new 5er to Navarre FL. Everything worked fine and it towed well. However, I removed the JT Armstrong stabilizers because they were a pain and had the rear stabilizer motor quit on the last nite coming home and am now going to have the rear leaf springs on the SD re-arched. It never quits!

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  • Started filling holes under sinks and basement area to keep out mice. Getting ready for our shakedown cruise next weekend to the local state park. Just hoping it warms up:-)

  • Thanks all, The dealer went thru everything and assured me that everything was working fine. I’m again thankful that it wasn’t much worse. We now can close this chapter and move on! Blessings to you all! :bye:

  • I have to admit that even though this is my second 5er, why I didn’t think about what I was trying to do  in turning everything on just to make sure everything worked and overloaded the circuit. The breaker was working just fine in tripping because I was overloading the circuit. The “toasty” one in the middle was the circuit for the micro, the…[Read more]

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    Yeah, scratched my head over that but electrical can get weird at times. But moving forward just making sure all is good. Can’t wait to get her home and packed. Need some getting acquainted time. :Winking:

  • Doug Schneider replied to the topic Electrical problems in the forum Ask for Help 5 months ago

    Well. I ended up taking the 5er back to the dealership on Friday morning after checking all I could and explained it all to the dealer. They checked it all out and called me this morning to let me know that it was all set and ready to go. The problem was a melted connector in the junction box. Apparently when I brought the unit home and plugged it…[Read more]

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    Stephen, Yeah, I was hoping it was just a bad breaker or maybe even the microwave but it looks like a trip back to the dealer for repair. Everyone here has been encouraging and helpful. Every thought and suggestion got me digging deeper and moving in the right direction. I’ve belonged to other forums before, not RV specific, and I chose this one…[Read more]

  • Doug Schneider replied to the topic Electrical problems in the forum Ask for Help 5 months ago

    Well another evening of discovery. I pulled the micro, pretty easy, and the micro works fine plugged into the house. The circuit breaker tripped without the micro so I pulled the receipt and unwired it. Breaker still tripped. Pulled the breaker and ran a continuity check on the wire and it failed. Interestingly, the wire going into the receipt was…[Read more]

  • My wife and I started the downsizing 6 years ago when we moved to our new home. It has been an interesting process for both of us. We actually had a second home in northern Michigan that we sold 3 years ago with the anticipation of retirement and traveling in our 5er with the possibility of full timing in a few years. We had a Living Estate Sale…[Read more]

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