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  • Keep those dashcams rolling folks! A Semi blew a stop sign coming off I-70 and took out my front end. Luckily, I’m okay, however, now I have to deal with the insurance crap.

    Had I had a dashcam in our “little beater” I wouldn’t be going through as much trouble. Just goes to show you how valuable they can be.

    • Glad to hear everyone is OK. I have used a dash-cam for some time now. I like the fact that I have something to show the police to backup my side of the story.

    • Will do I’ve already caught some near misses with mine.

    • Yes glad your ok good luck .

    • Luckily, I walked out with some minor bruising and a sprained wrist, but it could’ve been much worse for sure. The back end of the semi’s trailer tires caught my front end because of how sharp and quick he made the turn. I’m glad I was in a manual. Had I been in a automatic, I might not have thought to take the car out of gear just before…[Read more]

  • I finally purchased a Instant Pot.  We got the 3qt Ultra and I must say it’s the best rice cooker I’ve ever used!  I ended up messing around with it and came up with a pretty good recipe for seasoned rice that you folks might like.  The wife and I make it about once a week and it goes with most dishes:

    1 Cup Basmati or Long Grain Brown Rice

    1 10…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the video Ray.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very informative.

    I did my first solder job about a month ago and the solder kept balling up.  I watched videos prior to trying my hand at it, but no one ever zooms in and actually shows you what’s happening and how they are actually doing the joint.


    Thanks a bunch!  It was su…[Read more]

  • Dan,  I sure did.  I shot Viair and email about it.  The responded back within a few hours and the parts are on their way free of charge!

    Now we can add great customer service to the Viair folks  :good:

  • It sucks, but it happens.  I’m certainly not going to let a $20 part ruin the party.  The compressor is great and it really is super quiet.

    It can’t be that hard to find an air chuck, hose, and fitting I would imagine.


    That’s why I always ask my questions here.  Everyone here is a resourceful bunch that usually has an answer for just about ev…[Read more]

  • That’s the one I bought, I just wish you had the option to purchase the parts individually.  I’m missing that little black hose and the three fittings .  I looked up some shops around Denver.  Maybe I can have one made or something .someone else I know suggested Tractor Supply. Might have to check them out as well :unsure:

  • I finally got to try out my compressor today.  I’m surprised at how quiet it is.


    However, mine didn’t come complete.  It’s missing the air fitting and the 90 degree twist on chuck and hose that attaches to the gun.  I checked out Viair’s website and it doesn’t appear that I can purchase these parts that are missing.  I’d hate to send it bac…[Read more]

  • Ray, I was under the assumption that you had the 7.3L in Big Blue.  It wasn’t until I watched this video that I realized you had the old, old Ford diesel.  That engine was terrible.  Knowing that, I would have said right away that you are absolutely doing the right thing.  Only the 7.3L is worth rebuilding.  It’s my guess that many people thoug…[Read more]

  • Oh Happy Day!! My VIAIR has arrived. One more item I get to check off of the “First-Timer’s” checklist.
  • I’m really looking forward to the results of using it via your battery bank Ray.

    That’s an interesting take.  If it’s sustainable, that’s a giant plus for you boondocking folks.

  • Well let’s get a poll going for RAYS NEW TRUCK
    Sure like my (fat bottom girl) RAM dually 3500 2010
  • Agreed.  Excellent review Ray!  Of all the nuggets you gave about your upcoming reviews, this was the one I was looking forward to the most.  Loved the actual applications and timing the different applications.


    I’ll be picking one up through your amazon store sometime here in the next week to two.

  • Donny posted an update 6 months ago

    Planning a weeklong summer trip to Taylor Park, CO. Never been there but looking to get into some good OHV trails with the moto scooters. IF anyone has any suggestions or pointers that has been there, I’m all ears.

  • Donny changed their profile picture 6 months ago

  • Stephen, that’s kind of what I was thinking.  I’ve been keeping my eye open for something like that.  The ones I have found are just an inch too short on either the length or the width.  If I find one, I think that’s the route I will go.


    I wish we had Menard’s here in Denver.  I think the closest one we have is in Cheyenne.  That is the only…[Read more]

  • Hi all.  I’m hoping you folks might be able to help me out on this one:

    I have two Group 27 (SRM-27 Interstate 12V) batteries and I’m looking for a battery box to fit them both.  Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find a “side by side” (lengthwise or rectangular shaped) box.  All I can seem to find is  a squared box.  I looked into a link that Ray…[Read more]

  • That looks great Kimberly.  I especially liked the bit about the magnum converter being wired into it’s own fuse box.

    I’m just a weekend warrior, but I love the idea of being able to run certain ting of your batteries and having all of your outlets available 24/7.  One day I plan on doing something small with solar on the roof for this p…[Read more]

  • Donny posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago
    Getting ready to install my MaxxFan Deluxe 7500K that arrived yesterday. Installing with some Eternabond I picked up from the Love Your RV Amazon page.
    Let’s hope I put her on correctly.
  • Donny posted an update 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Finally taking our rig out for the very first time this coming weekend. We’re headed down the road (literally 6 miles) to the KOA in Strasburg, CO for her maiden voyage.

    Since we are total Noobs at this stuff, we decided to pick a place that is close to home in case we forgot anything or the pups get too mouthy and need to go back to the house…[Read more]

  • I always find it funny (and a giant relief) when you come across something that you think is going to be difficult and it turns out to be much easier (I had the same issue this weekend with replacing my dishwasher)  It’s amazing how much people charge for some services and you really can save money on by doing it yourself.  I swear they prey on pe…[Read more]

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