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  • Welp, I hitched my rig up on Saturday to take her to the shop as my parts for some warranty work had arrived.  Somehow, from the time I did my pre-trip walkaround and arriving at the dealer, I lost my camper’s keys  :Loser: .  I could’ve sworn I had them when I left (I even did the “patdown” checking my pockets as I was driving away from the ho…[Read more]

  • Donny replied to the topic Newbie in the forum Trailers 2 months ago

    LaShawnda, have you looked at KZ?  They make some pretty good toy haulers that might meet your needs.  As an owner of one, I can tell you a bunch about them.  I searched for 2 years from everything from RV shows to dealers to internet before I purchased.  Here’s what I can tell you briefly about the KZ’s.

    • All of them come with the “climate pac…

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  • Ray, does Alltrips have a Google Play app?  I can’t seem to find it.



  • Enjoying the aftermath of the Philadelphia Eagles win in Super Bowl LII over the New England Patriots. As a life long Eagles fan, I never thought I’d see the day that “My Team” would win the big game after so many years of the “Oh so close”.
    Now I know how you Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs fans finally feel.
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    • Or Vancouver Canucks fans. :(

    • That’s right, I forgot about the Canucks. They’ve never won the cup.
      It’s been a while since any NHL team from Canada has won a Stanley Cup hasn’t it?
      That’s the pits. Yet, a team from California, Arizona, or Florida have teams AND THEY WIN!?! Those states don’t even know what ice is!
      That’s a conversation for another time I guess. I could get…[Read more]

  • Good to know.  I have a KOA 6 miles from the house and I thought of being able to possibly use them as a dump station, but I haven’t looked into it yet.  Still have yet to spend a night in an RV park.  Something I have never done.

  • Seems like a nice little place.  Probably great to find them along your route.  Nice and easy to get in and out and everything you need at a great price.  Who can complain about that?

    Although, now my wife wants a turtle too!

    I thought about checking into Passport America, but most of what we do is weekend boondocking anyways, so I don’t know ho…[Read more]

  • Old_Man,


    Just come a little more East, towards the Rockies and you might find that which you are looking for.


    The vessel for which we speak is intended to make RV meals faster and save space.

  • Donny posted an update 2 months, 4 weeks ago
    24 Degrees and windy here in Sunny Colorado!
    Making some roast chicken and settling in for the Eagles vs. Vikings game.
  • *UPDATE*

    I went at it again this morning trying to figure this camera out.  Using my trusty Fluke 115, I got 10.94 volts coming out of the splice that links the camera to the parking running lights.  Upon undoing the splice I learned that they used the wrong quick splices.  I took them apart, cut the wires, and used butt connectors and shrink wr…[Read more]

  • I saw your review last night on this thing and you didn’t sound too enthused there Ray.  Even the wife chimed in and said “it doesn’t sound like Ray cares for that thing too much”.

    I always found those things kinda cool and always wondered how accurate they are.  I would bet they have to be indispensable when you’re boondocking (if working p…[Read more]

  • That’s what I am thinking.  Either the splice is bad or the wire isn’t grounded.  I know the camera works.  On the 12v cigarette plug, it has a jack to plug in the camera for checking operation and wireless pairing.  I blew the fuse testing it, but prior to that, it worked fine, so I know it’s not the camera.  When I got into town I will have to m…[Read more]

  • I did. That was one of my first thoughts as well.



    Well, I took a continuity tester to the 7-way plug of the truck.  Everything is good to go, so I guess I can rule out the truck.  I also pulled the camera housing off of the trailer to get a look at the pigtail to ensure it connected.  It is spliced into some wires (I gave them a small tug to ensure they were seated), but where the wi…[Read more]

  • I was wondering the same thing.  Ray has reviewed everything he got for Christmas but the Instant Pot and the air compressor (both of which I’m looking at purchasing).  I’m sure Ray is probably working on those videos now, but I’m really interested what his opinion is.

  • Karoline, what do you mean?  Everything East of Denver is Kansas! :Big-Grin:

    I’m about 30 minutes East of Denver and you are 100% right.  Even here on the plains I have seen it drop to 20 degrees and snow in the morning and then be 60 degrees come 4:00 in late May.  You know what they say, “if you don’t like the weather in Colorado just wait 10…[Read more]

  • Farmington is definitely not that far at all.   However, you do bring up a good point.  I’m not too familiar with weather in SW Colorado, but if it’s anything like the Denver area, camping season is from May 1st to October 31st and that’s about it.

    If you ever do find yourself in Colorado, definitely check out Garden of the Gods in Colorado Sp…[Read more]

  • I watched this video last night.  The wife and I want to add one to the toy hauler and we discussed that our criteria would be pretty much the same as yours.  We were discussing where we would mount it until we had seen where you mounted yours.  I love that location.  People see it when you are camped, but it’s no gaudy like it would be on the rea…[Read more]

  • Donny replied to the topic Drain valves sticking in the forum Ask for Help 3 months, 1 week ago

    That’s a pretty interesting idea in that video.  It’s a great idea, I just wonder if the tap screw eventually leaks without a rubber o-ring on it? :unsure:   I wonder if anyone here has done it?

    On a side note, I completely agree with you about posting certain videos from other sites, even though I just posted one.  It is certainly not my in…[Read more]

  • Donny replied to the topic Drain valves sticking in the forum Ask for Help 3 months, 1 week ago

    The sewer solution doesn’t work as well as advertised.  I came across this when I was checking out options for sewer hoses:

  • Howdy folks.  I’ve got an issue I just can’t seem to figure out, so I thought I might ask the experts for some suggestions so here goes:

    My 2018 KZ 311TH10 came “pre-wired” for a furrion backup camera/observation camera.  I attempted to install the observation camera this weekend, but to my shagrin, the camera has no power.  The power cord to th…[Read more]

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