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  • I’m really looking forward to the results of using it via your battery bank Ray.

    That’s an interesting take.  If it’s sustainable, that’s a giant plus for you boondocking folks.

  • Well let’s get a poll going for RAYS NEW TRUCK
    Sure like my (fat bottom girl) RAM dually 3500 2010
  • Agreed.  Excellent review Ray!  Of all the nuggets you gave about your upcoming reviews, this was the one I was looking forward to the most.  Loved the actual applications and timing the different applications.


    I’ll be picking one up through your amazon store sometime here in the next week to two.

  • Donny posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Planning a weeklong summer trip to Taylor Park, CO. Never been there but looking to get into some good OHV trails with the moto scooters. IF anyone has any suggestions or pointers that has been there, I’m all ears.

  • Donny changed their profile picture 1 week, 6 days ago

  • Stephen, that’s kind of what I was thinking.  I’ve been keeping my eye open for something like that.  The ones I have found are just an inch too short on either the length or the width.  If I find one, I think that’s the route I will go.


    I wish we had Menard’s here in Denver.  I think the closest one we have is in Cheyenne.  That is the only…[Read more]

  • Hi all.  I’m hoping you folks might be able to help me out on this one:

    I have two Group 27 (SRM-27 Interstate 12V) batteries and I’m looking for a battery box to fit them both.  Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find a “side by side” (lengthwise or rectangular shaped) box.  All I can seem to find is  a squared box.  I looked into a link that Ray…[Read more]

  • That looks great Kimberly.  I especially liked the bit about the magnum converter being wired into it’s own fuse box.

    I’m just a weekend warrior, but I love the idea of being able to run certain ting of your batteries and having all of your outlets available 24/7.  One day I plan on doing something small with solar on the roof for this p…[Read more]

  • Donny posted an update 3 weeks ago
    Getting ready to install my MaxxFan Deluxe 7500K that arrived yesterday. Installing with some Eternabond I picked up from the Love Your RV Amazon page.
    Let’s hope I put her on correctly.
  • Donny posted an update 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    Finally taking our rig out for the very first time this coming weekend. We’re headed down the road (literally 6 miles) to the KOA in Strasburg, CO for her maiden voyage.

    Since we are total Noobs at this stuff, we decided to pick a place that is close to home in case we forgot anything or the pups get too mouthy and need to go back to the house…[Read more]

  • I always find it funny (and a giant relief) when you come across something that you think is going to be difficult and it turns out to be much easier (I had the same issue this weekend with replacing my dishwasher)  It’s amazing how much people charge for some services and you really can save money on by doing it yourself.  I swear they prey on pe…[Read more]

  • I had my first DOH! moment with my camper. I tried to wedge myself in to turn off a light and pushed a little too hard against the mirror of the truck. Any ideas on a way to fix it?
  • Great video Ray.  As I was watching, I kept thinking to myself:

    “I wonder how Ray fit the Cougar in the belly of this boat?  I bet that took maneuvering.  I wonder what that looks like and how do you get it out if it’s not a straight thru way like most ferries? ”

    Alas, at the end, I got my answer.  That was cool.  Good stuff.  I’d be prett…[Read more]

  • I’m interested to see your review on the air compressor Ray.  I’ve been eyeing that thing up myself.  I don’t have an air compressor at the house, but I would imagine that thing would work well around the house as well as the RV for keeping tires inflated and such.

  • Welp, I hitched my rig up on Saturday to take her to the shop as my parts for some warranty work had arrived.  Somehow, from the time I did my pre-trip walkaround and arriving at the dealer, I lost my camper’s keys  :Loser: .  I could’ve sworn I had them when I left (I even did the “patdown” checking my pockets as I was driving away from the ho…[Read more]

  • Donny replied to the topic Newbie in the forum Trailers 4 months, 1 week ago

    LaShawnda, have you looked at KZ?  They make some pretty good toy haulers that might meet your needs.  As an owner of one, I can tell you a bunch about them.  I searched for 2 years from everything from RV shows to dealers to internet before I purchased.  Here’s what I can tell you briefly about the KZ’s.

    • All of them come with the “climate pac…

    [Read more]

  • Ray, does Alltrips have a Google Play app?  I can’t seem to find it.



  • Enjoying the aftermath of the Philadelphia Eagles win in Super Bowl LII over the New England Patriots. As a life long Eagles fan, I never thought I’d see the day that “My Team” would win the big game after so many years of the “Oh so close”.
    Now I know how you Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs fans finally feel.
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    • Or Vancouver Canucks fans. :(

    • That’s right, I forgot about the Canucks. They’ve never won the cup.
      It’s been a while since any NHL team from Canada has won a Stanley Cup hasn’t it?
      That’s the pits. Yet, a team from California, Arizona, or Florida have teams AND THEY WIN!?! Those states don’t even know what ice is!
      That’s a conversation for another time I guess. I could get…[Read more]

  • Good to know.  I have a KOA 6 miles from the house and I thought of being able to possibly use them as a dump station, but I haven’t looked into it yet.  Still have yet to spend a night in an RV park.  Something I have never done.

  • Seems like a nice little place.  Probably great to find them along your route.  Nice and easy to get in and out and everything you need at a great price.  Who can complain about that?

    Although, now my wife wants a turtle too!

    I thought about checking into Passport America, but most of what we do is weekend boondocking anyways, so I don’t know ho…[Read more]

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