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  • Hi Ray, sorry have not been on for awhile, picked up new lead landing leg and gear box, installed and works great. Thanks for your video, helped a lot

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    • Ray replied 6 months ago

      You’re welcome, glad to hear. Cheers!

  • Hello Ray, I have a question on the landing legs, other than the shafts on the lead and follow legs are they the same? I have 2 follow legs and supplier said he looked and his stock and all are follow legs? contacted his supplier and they are back ordered? so if I picked up a lead leg kit would it work. can return for full refund, got at a great…[Read more]

  • Well it had to happen! The follow leg on the Cougar went clunk clunk and was hard to lift.shopped around and found one at a great price. the new leg had 2 grease fittings already installed. After watching your video it was easy to remove and install the new leg. works great. Now keeping an eye on the lead landing leg for any clunking. Thanks Ray…[Read more]

  • We are getting ready for the holidays and heading to Florida in the new year till March, will let you know when we get there

  • Thanks Ray, we will check it out, someone told me to get a Wells Fargo card but we live here so will stick with Us Dollar Visa.

  • @raytronx
    Hello Ray…just wondering about US funds? do you use a US bank card? some RV parks want to be paid with funds from a US bank ( credit card ) and if so how do you get one with a Canadian address? any thoughts, thanks Dave

    • My wife and I both have what’s called a USD RBC U.S. High Interest eSavings from Royal Bank, we put money in there when the exchange is good. Then we also both have what’s called a US dollar visa for our purchases down south and then pay it out of our USD savings account to avoid currency exchange fees. It looks like a US Visa card so we have…[Read more]

  • New fender skirt came in, so repaired the wheel well area that was damaged from the Florida trip tire blow out, repaired area with a sheet of aluminum secured in place with screws, then reinstalled the new skirt. it looks good as new again.

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    • Sounds like the same thing that happened to us Ok, a couple years ago. Eddie wants to put aluminum on it, but just fixed the old one bye banging and smashing and hitting and whatever else he could do to it for now.Just a lived in ol thing.

  • @lifewithlurch Hi Norma, the antenna is about 15″long and made of flexible rubber instead of solid metal. you can get them at Canadian Tire Store for $12, hope this helps/ dave

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    • O wow, thanks Dave! I’m going to look around here for one…my stereo is dead in the water too. :(

  • Well factory stereo in the Cougar crapped out. removed old system and installed a Kenwood KDC-158U stereo, just above the original location, which left us with a nice storage compartment, the AM side of the radio was kinda fuzzy so unplugged the roof antenna and plugged in a new rubber ducky antenna, problem solved. sounds great, tucked new…[Read more]

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    • Sounds like a good upgrade.

    • mmm…Kenwood…

      What the heck is a rubber ducky antenna?

    • Dave & linda, our factory stereo “craped” out also in our Copper Canyon Sprenter. (Keystone) The radio works sometimes but the CD/DVD is shot every time you put a DVD or CD in the thing shuts down and we have to turn all power off to it just to get the CD/DVD out of the dang thing.
      Thanks for the revue of your “Modd” on your new stereo install. We…[Read more]

  • checking over trailer after winter Florida trip, water tank switch would not move, I remembered your problem with one so had to change it, still no hot water had to replace the heating element. got hot water again. now time to check out the stereo not working all the time, so will let you know how what I find.

  • just finished installing Oxygenics BodySpa SkinCare Handheld Shower Head, works much better, wife is “happy happy” now.

  • Hi Ray, went to do the cubby shoe hole and my water pump is in there so can’t use the bottom space but still could put one in the top space, will let you know how I make out.

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    • Yes, let us know how it goes, maybe post a pix or two in the Mods and Upgrades forum of it.

  • We made it here to Florida, been here 1 week now, missed all the bad weather coming down, no problems till we got to Florida and had a rear tire blow on the 5ver. got the rig pulled over but no shoulder, blocking part of the lane,had to direct traffic over till tire guy showed up, then Fire Rescue stopped and blocked lane for us they were great…[Read more]

    • Glad to hear everything went OK, always one of my fears having a blow out and no shoulder to get right off the highway. Did the blow out do any damage to the rig or just a deflation?

      • no tire blew like a big aligator tail and demolished the fender skirt and ripped up the fender well lining and some insulation and knocked off the front axle hub cover and grease cap, never did find it? got new one at tire dealer

  • Love the shoe storage idea, got all my supplies and going to build while in Florida, Thanks Ray

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    • Ray replied 5 years ago

      Cool! Your welcome. We use our cubby holes all the time now. Great to have the shoes outta the way.

  • Great Video, couldn’t find the switch for my electric element, so was using propane all the time. can’t wait to try the electric hot water, Thanks Ray

  • Getting ready to head south to Florida,with our 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck and 276 EFS Keystone Cougar 5th wheel trailer,

    • Ray replied 5 years ago

      Safe travels, Dave and Linda, let us know how the trip goes.

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