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  • Not sure why Kimberly, but your first image showed up (at my end) but the others are large squares with a question mark in the middle?

    Yes, you truck certainly will do the job, as I have a similar one (will be selling shortly hopefully) as it’s the older 2009 King Ranch 4X4 dually, which I picked up used.   I put air bags in it as well, and had…[Read more]

  • We purchased our motorhome last February (2018), in Pheonix, spent our first night in Quartzite, so this is it after our first stop at purchase!   It’s 10 years old now, with a long way to go yet!

  • Not new to Ray’s RV, but new to the ‘Happy Hour’ portion!   We have RVed for 35+ years, but recently bought our first Class A diesel pusher, and as most know, ALL Rv’s need to be worked on from time to time, so I found Ray’s site, and on top of that I am an ‘enthusiast’ photographer, so I follow Ray’s wife Anne as well, and have several of her…[Read more]

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