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  • Looking for a little advice. Need to pull my water heater out because of a previous leak and a cob job someone did to fix it that eliminated the by pass. We bought the unit used a couple months ago. My question is, we have this flange around the outside of the water heater and not sure if this is just a trim piece that hides the screws? I…

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    • Jeff replied 5 months ago

      There The panel inside the camper remove that defines an extra screws holding the water heater in place I think if I had to change mine over I think I would go to the tankless water heater

    • Sean replied 5 months ago

      Hi Jeff, Thanks for the reply. Not quite ready for that upgrade yet. Just need to make some repairs. I guess I will have to do some exploratory surgery to figure out this flange deal.

  • @cougar373fls Sweet looking Cougar. Can’t believe how big they are now and with so many slideouts. :)

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    • Thank you, Just under 38′ 4 slides. I’m hoping its not to long to get into some of those cool boondocking spots you have shown.

  • Sean replied to the topic Welcome! in the forum Bring your Chair and Chat 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi Ray, We have enjoyed watching your videos.  Thank you for the tons of useful information! The wife and I will be selling our house next spring to start our lives on the road full timing.  Say hi to the Beagle.


    Sean & Connie

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