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  • Thanks, Ray.  I had seen him online.  I’ll get back to ya after my first time in the Instant Pot – Yes, you aren’t the only one that was a bit late on the ‘Instant Pot’ band wagon.  Mine arrives tomorrow and will be replacing two crock pots and a rice cooker.  I also found a recipe for Pot Roast I’m going to try.

  • Hi, Ray, and all.  Ray, I just bought an Instant Pot and was very interested in the recipe that you used for the Country Style Pork Ribs.  Would you mind either posting/sending the recipe, or directing to source you used?  Thank you.

  • Hi, all. Question, and it may have already been put forth and answered. Sorry if I’m behind the times.

    When towing, and Ray, you’d be a big influence on this question as you put thousands of miles behind you, but do you use your cruise control when traveling? I’ve always heard to not use the cruise control with a trailer and don’t recall…[Read more]

    • I’m new to hauling my fifth wheel, but I’ve been tpwing everything between a 5’x8′ utility trailer and a 36′ tri-axle with pretty heavy loads (just under CDL requirements) for almost 20 years.

      I don’t use cruise 99.9% of the time. I want to be able to “feel” my rig at all times. Heaven forbid is the cruise malfunctioned hauling a heavy load (it…[Read more]

    • I have been a over the road truck driver for 16 years. I have hauled my 40′ toy hauler for 3 years now with my Chevy 2500 HD as a full time RV’er. I use cruise control with tow haul mode on. I keep my feet near the petals.
      When I was trucking and the weather was bad I didn’t use cruise. I would not recommend using it in heavy traffic, up or down…[Read more]

      • Totally with you James my rig (FBG) likes to have a little
        More revs so I use 5th gear on highway speeds that
        Keeps it at 1800 to 2000 rpm that’s at 60/65 mph.
        Seem to be the sweet spot for me. 11/14.2 mpg

    • I rarely use cruise control, like to be in manual control. The few times I do is on flat, long open stretches of highway with little traffic.

  • Thanks for the info. My fridge is working well. No repairs needed at the moment, but nice to know this info for future reference. It was just neat to have found and watched the YouTube videos about servicing how the fridge works then to see Walt’s post.

    For those who may be interested in the seeing these videos, go to YouTube and search F…[Read more]

  • Hi, Walt.  Thanks for the ‘Friends’.  I’d also like to ask if the cooling unit came already charged?  It’s kind of funny as I started watching a YouTube post about these cooling units.  Hope I won’t have to replace them, but appreciate your post just in case I need to.  Regards, Winn

  • Hi, all. If you’re wondering where ‘Winn & Sheila’ went, we’re still here. We changed our user name as we’re making a YouTube Channel, as well as a Facebook Page, with the same moniker. This aligns us better with what we love and enjoy, too. Very much like Ray’s ‘Love Your RV’.

  • Thank you, all, for the responses about the battery monitor. I didn’t think I could go wrong, but wanted to make sure I didn’t overlook something. Now to just take the time, and make the time, to install. I’m still a bit apprehensive about modifications, but Ray and everyone else has given me a little more piece of mind. Thanks again.

  • Hi, all. Question: I just bought a Bogart TriMetric 2030-RV with 500A shunt and wiring. Even though I have no solar installed, I figured it’d still give me the state of my existing onboard batteries (two heinz-57 variety batteries installed by my RV dealer), and still serve me later when I do upgrade to solar. Thoughts?

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    • Love mine. It’s great to be able to get such detailed information on the state of the batteries and see the amperage in and out. It will really help you in planning how much solar power you’ll need.

    • Thanks, Ray. I kind of thought the same and wanted to make sure I didn’t over look something because I wasn’t using it with a solar system. Felt it would be beneficial by keeping an eye on the batteries under conditions other than solar.

      • Also if you go to solar you can easily add the 30-amp 2030SC solar charge controller like Ray has to your 2030-RV.
        Happy Trails!!!

    • Good first start to a Solar Power Storage System!
      You can’t know how far a car will go with no gas gauge.
      I tell people if you could only afford only one thing get a
      Bogart TriMetric battery monitor.
      Happy Trails!!!

  • Next Wednesday, May 16, heading to Glenns Ferry, Idaho, for our 2nd shakedown trip with Jazzie (yes, Sheila’s named her – lol). I’m going a couple of days early as Jordan’s still in school, then they’re coming out Friday for the rest of the weekend. This will also give me time to do some minor upgrades. For those not familiar with the area,…[Read more]

  • Hi, Ray. Even though we’re late-comers to your blogs/videos, Sheila and I really enjoyed watching your travels and topics throughout the season. We certainly look forward to many, many more through this summer season and the next snow-bird troup that the both of you will do. Give an ear-scratch to Angie for us. :)

  • 5th Wheel is parked for a little bit. Haven’t decided what to name her, yet. But we’re discussing it. We’ve got a year of free parking at the dealer until we can get out pad made and decked out at home. Luckily, we’re less than 1/4 mile away. :) We bought some living goods to store for our trips – dishes, shelf liners, our own coffee maker,…[Read more]

  • BkcntryRVer (Winn & Sheila) changed their profile picture 8 months ago

  • @chiantisun Hi. Thanks for inviting as friends. Living in Jax? I lived in Middleburg for ~16 years before moving to Montana. Now I live outside Boise, Idaho. I’ve always loved the west and tho it took me awhile to get here, I finally made it. Best wishes, Winn & Sheila.

  • Picked up our first rig. A 2004 Thor Jazz 5th Wheel. Spent the weekend at a local state park for its maiden voyage. Sheila went hog wild with everything, including ‘finding’ some hidden storage. She also found several things that I can do to help – like make access doors for her hidden storage. Looking forward to loads of fun. Love wat…[Read more]

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