Image Resizing Howto Using Pixlr

I have noticed a few members are having difficulty with image uploads. The software that runs the RV Happy Hour site places some restrictions on the file sizes we can upload. This is so the website performs well, if too many huge sized images were allowed to be uploaded the speed of the site suffers.

Most digital cameras nowadays put out tremendously detailed photographs but they also have a huge file size. Most are at least 4000×3000 pixel resolution and many megabytes in size. This is way too large for the web especially now that many folks use tablets and smartphones to download the web content. So what we need to do is resize the photos to optimize for the website. I find a good size to use is 800px on the longest side of the photo. It will still look very good to the viewer and keep the site nice and fast loading.

There are many options to use to resize. Most photo editors have the function built in and there are some decent free ones you can download and install such as IrfranView and Fast Stone. One that I use all the time is an online free editor called Pixlr. Super easy to use and no need to install software it runs in the browser. I like it because it is super fast and simple. Just surf to the website at open the image you want to resize and choose the adjustment –> resize option. Look at the size and adjust the higher number to 800 and the other dimension will automatically pick the right size. Click save and you should see it’s really reduce the file size. Pixlr even gives you an option at that point to adjust it more by a slider. I usually rename it at that point so I don’t overwrite the original.

Demo of me resizing a photo with Pixlr

Final product resized to 800×532 and 184 kilobytes in size

Click thumbnail image to see full size

Water Fall small for web





Hope this helps with getting your images ready for upload to RV Happy Hour

Cheers Ray

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