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Embed Video links easily

Most areas of the site where you can author a post you can embed a video link simply by pasting the video URL into the post editor box on its own line. It will in most cases be automatically embedded into your post.

Photo Resizing Help

Check my blog posting on this

@Username usage

There are two names associated with each RV Happy Hour member, the login username which shows in their profile as @username and the regular name that usually shows up.

You can alert a member that you have mentioned them in an activity update or forum post by using their @username. To find the members @username go to their profile page and look to the right of their Photo avatar. You can see here mine is @raytronx. Also, in many sections of the site simply typing the character @ will invoke a dropdown list of users to choose from.

If you use the @username they will be alerted that they have been mentioned. This will occur automatically in some cases like if you write a message on their Wall feed or by using the Public Message button on their Profile page.

Additional Help

For help not answered on this page, please post a question in the  Website Help Forum, message me on my profile page or email ray@rvhappyhour.com

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