Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hope you all get many treats and few tricks tonight. If you are decorating your rig upload a picture of it for us all to see.

halloween rv

Speaking of pictures I’ve recently installed a new Gallery feature to RV Happy Hour. Each member now has their own Gallery area to create personal galleries in. Head over to your profile area and check for the gallery link on the left hand menu. Create your very own photo galleries and upload photos to them. The gallery can hold 20 megabytes worth of pictures and a max size of 1 megabyte per photo. It’s a good idea to resize your photos before upload.

personal gallery on rvhh

There are also shared galleries for each group on the site. For example there is a gallery in RV Pets for members to show us there best friends. When uploading rename the file to what you would like the photo title to be as currently the software does not allow users to edit the shared group photos. Although comments are allowed so if you need to describe the photo you can always do it there.

RV Pets gallery on rvhh

If you would like to view all the galleries check for a link on the RV Happy Hour main menu bar.

Anyway I will continue to work on the site to make it a great resource and community for us RVers. Thanks so much for joining up and participating. Happy Halloween everyone and post your fall RVing adventures for us all to see.

Cheers Ray

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