Moving Lightroom 5 to a new computer , Looking for a little Help !

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    Hi all,  Looking for a little help;   Just bought a new computer for a preretirement gift for the wife and having some issue’s after loading the Lightroom 5 program.  1. Most of it seams fine except its not showing camera info on any picture’s she has made changes to when on her old computer. 2. Missing some LR 4 info on LR 5 main page . She shoots in raw format and has been using Lightroom 5 program on her old computer for sometime  .  She  understands this more than I do so I’m just trying to help her work this out .  Any ideas what to look for would be nice.     Thanks,   Paul and Michelle.


    I’m no lightroom expert, but one thing comes to mind.  The image would have to have internal metadata to transfer to a new computer and still show camera info on a new computer.  (Although you would think the lightroom catalog might also have this information internally)  Is there any chance the metadata was stripped when she exported the photos (if she did export them as jpg or something else)?  I moved lightroom to a new computer a while back and used this guide by Lightroom Queen:  I didn’t have any issues after moving to the new computer (with Windows 7).

    You might just check her instructions and see if all the files were properly transferred.

    Good luck!



    Bob, Thank you very much for your reply!  She actually was missing the editing history data, not the metadata.  It actually was a corrupt folder when lightroom got added to her new computer.  Fortunately the web site you offered had the right information needed to correct the problem!  You rock!  Bottoms up to you – that’s cheers to Ray!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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