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    We use CoachNet and have had to use them several times.

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    Great pics! That was one of our favourite trips.

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    If you just won the lottery a custom built are top of the line. Also saw the units at the RV Show in Quartzsite last year. These are made by the Tiffon family and seem to be a good quality at a reasonable price.

    Safe travels!

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    We’ve almost completed out trip across Canada to the Maritimes. We’ll cross into the US at Main and work our way to Elkhart for some RV repairs. Then we head to Apache Junction, fly back to Victoria for Xmas, then return to continue on to Quartzsite, AZ for the winter. Safe travels to all!

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    I admire the fact that you’re never afraid to get your hands dirty and tackle pretty much anything! I’ve had a crack in our shower pan for months and JB Weld has been holding up well, not sure if it would work well in your situation.

    Good luck!


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    [quote quote=52109]We love our Vanleigh/ Vilano 325RL. Customer service like no other available from our experience . The Tiffon name means something still.

    We saw this line for the first time at the RV Show in Quartzsite. Unfortunately the Beacon had already been sold. The quality of the finish inside and out was outstanding and the price point very reasonable. Congrats…we’re jealous!

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    I use one made by Gardinia when filling our freshwater tank to the exact amount I think we’ll need for traveling so that I’m not carrying too much weight. I figure approximately 5 gallons per day per person which allows for navy showers every other day.


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    At La Posa South LTVA there is a sani dump monitor in a blue pickup by the name of Dwight. He sells the macerator kit and hose for a good price. Wish I had known this before I bought mine. He’s not on every day so you may have to check back a few times.


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    When mine start getting difficult I pour 1/2 a bottle of baby oil into each tank after they’ve been emptied. I put a few gallons of water in each tank and work the valves back and forth at least a dozen times. Has always worked for me. Others have suggested using vegetable oil too.

    Good luck!

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    Our shutoff valve leaks too and is cold briefly when I open it back on. I phoned Oxygenics and was told it’s supposed to bypass a little to prevent getting burned. I like the shower head but think that valve is hokey.

    Safe travels!

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    Check out Many bloggers are there.


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    Your lucky you didn’t have any damage! You’d have to go onto the manufacturers website for speed rating specifications.


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    One thing with TPMS is if you have a sudden blowout it’s already too late. They  are great for indicating low/high pressure and a leak slow enough to give you time to pull over and prevent a lot of possible damage before a blowout. I have the (TST) Truck Systems Technology that also indicates high temperature. If a tire is running hot it could indicate a sticking brake or bearing issue.


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    It is recommended to have steel valve stems when using TPMS sensors. Also do you know the speed rating of your tires? I didn’t when we first started out. Our 37′ Montana came with the Goodyear Marathons (China bombs) and they were speed rated to 62 mph! RV manufacturers will install the cheapest tires they can legally get away with. I wouldn’t be without a TPMS.


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    You can never have too much truck but you can certainly have too much trailer. In our 7 years as full-timers the general consensus among RV’ers  we’ve met and RV forums I follow is select your trailer first then a truck that has a capable GVWR. Also for trailers longer than 30′ a dually is recommended for better handling and stability. Another thing to keep in mind is RV manufacturers will supply the cheapest tires they can legally get away with. My first upgrade would be better tires and a tire pressure/temperature monitoring system.

    Good luck and happy trails!

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