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    :Sweating:   WOW ! Hope you found them all.   :good:     Great job!

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    :good: :yahoo:  :yahoo: :yahoo:

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    Hi Doug , When I pulled my microwave to run the solar panel wires down it was only 4 or 6 screws .  Not that hard with a extra hand to lower it .  After your last post I think it could be just long extension cord run and amp draw .   No. ten wire is still pretty light even for a 30 amp draw I would think.   Paul ..  :scratch:


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    Hi Doug .   I have been watching your conversation about your microwave problem and here is my two cents .   The weakest breaker always trips first , so what its telling me is the old rv breaker was the weakest , now with the new one installed now the barn breaker is the weakest .  Now with that said I  am pretty shore your problem is either in the microwave or in the wiring from the breaker to the microwave .  I would start by pulling the microwave , plug it in at the barn and see how that goes ( Put something in it to test ) .  If it works ok, I think it’s a short in the rv wiring if it trips as soon as you power up the breaker ( Direct short )  with the microwave unplugged . .  I would start with the receptacle were the microwave plugs in at.    PS ;   And yes using long extension cord to the barn from the RV  could  make it trip at the barn. Its all about the power draw!  :Lightbulb:

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    Hi Doug,  Your at the right place, Ray haves a lot of knowledge .   This is what we put on our class C last spring .   We are not full timers yet , but we are boondockers here in the north east and this keep’s our battery at full charge  .   This year we are up grading the battery bank to add more storage.  We are very happy with it.

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    Hi Mike ,   Sometimes you just got to tear in to it to figure out what’s gone wrong !   So keep at it you’ll find it .    Glad you found no structure damage .  Some Pics would be nice .   Two thumbs up .


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    Hi Mike .   Yep your going to have to ck every place they put a screw / hole in the top and side . My last leak I had last spring when the snow started to melt ended up being the roof air conditioner bolts were loose , not pulling the gasket tight to the roof. So like I said ,got to ck every were.  And yes post some PICs if you can that might help!  Paul


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    Mike ,   Could be its been leaking for some time.    On mine the screws were so bad from the leak

    that some were even rusted right off.   Paul

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    Hi Mike.  After trying to find a leak in my RV from day one when it was new , Months taking to the dealer  they never found it.   Then what I found was no gaskets under the side marker lights.  Bingo that was it, to bad it made so much damage before I found it . So I would ck anything added to the sides also.   Hope that helps .   Paul

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    I did a complete  ladder rebuild this pass summer . Removed it from the RV and took it all apart . Bought all new bolts, screws, endcaps, star nuts, and upsized the screws to fasten it back on the RV . Its made a world of difference but I can see where adding the angle brackets would make  it even stronger..  I also am trying to figure out how to make a support from the bottom step to the bumper for added support for the ladder .  I think that would take a lot of stress off the ladder when in use.


    Bob, Thank you very much for your reply!  She actually was missing the editing history data, not the metadata.  It actually was a corrupt folder when lightroom got added to her new computer.  Fortunately the web site you offered had the right information needed to correct the problem!  You rock!  Bottoms up to you – that’s cheers to Ray!

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    Thank You for the information on how you repaired your ladder .   I was thinking of completely  removing mine also for ease of repair .  :scratch:   About the carriage bolts ?     How did you tighten them down being the heads would have no place for a wrench or screw driver ?    :unsure: Heard about others using stainless bolts and lock tight on the threads  , what do you think about that ?   Over Kill ?    Thanks again for the reply .   Paul & Michelle.    :Cool

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    Spirit . Look at recent pic for a close-up. I pull it off when we travel .  Good luck and post some pics , :bye:  :good: :good: :good: :good:

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    Hi Spirit ;   The gen stack was a easy build .   Here is the things you will need .     (1) 90 degree  1.1/4 conduit to fit over your gen tail pipe — drill a hole through to pin them together with a large nail .  So you can remove it easily .    Next you need one 10 ft  length of aluminum rain down spout .—  Two pieces of aluminum to make the supports for the stack..  I fastened theses with pop rivet’s to the stack — Then bent them to fit to the sides of the conduit and slid it over it. I used hose  clamps so I could adjust it up and down to get proper draft . —  I didn’t want to put holes in the rv  to support it so I Used suction cups with bungees to hold it in place with a yoga block to hold it away from the side of the rv .  My wife Michelle is still looking for that. LOL . After I got every thing all tuned in I pulled the pin , took it to the bench and put pop rivet’s  along the seam of the stack and on to the supports to the conduit.  That’s it , Good to go!! The stack stays cool to touch and no more smelly generator exhaust .. Hope this helps.


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    Nice mods to your rv . Here is one I did to change a regular 120v ac light socket to a 12v dc led bulb socket to use in a table lamp . Soldered leads to the socket ,then to the bulb then loaded the socket with silicon and pushed the bulb in; Then wired one 120v ac receptacle for 12v dc . Made more brownie points …

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