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  • in reply to: Ready for Winter? #48303

    Pretty awesome.  Thanks for the post & pics.

    in reply to: Cold Weather RVing #48301

    Best advice for cold weather RV’ing – DON’T.  Sorry couldn’t help myself.

    Eddie is definitely a great source of information. Some of their winter pictures are in this site.  Good luck with the blog.

    in reply to: Water heater maintenance/ repair #48148

    Looks like the annual maintenance was not done.  Just went through something similar.  Hot water tank relief valve (RV) was dripping.  Figured it was probably time to replace the RV but it would not budge so refilled the tank left the heat off then popped open the RV.  Got a bit wet, ok a lot wet but when I reseated the RV it stopped dripping.  Likely some scale had gotten onto the seat of the RV so it wouldn’t shut properly.

    in reply to: RVing with a Dog Advice from a Full-Time RVer #38956

    Really good advice Ray.  We are picking up our travelling companion today.  We’ll have a couple of weeks at home before heading out.  What about in the truck? Is Angie in a crate, free roaming or doggie seat belt?

    in reply to: Pullrite SuperGlide 5th Wheel Hitch Review #37708

    Nice video.  We have been running the super glide since 2014 with no issues.  I’ve never been able to actually watch what the slide does while driving so that was pretty cool.  Would have like to have seen a tight back-up.  We have to do a near 90 to reverse into our driveway.  The capture plate has not been an issue either. Have a few degrees either side of straight-on to hook up.

    By the way did you forget to connect the break-away cable?

    in reply to: Workamping in Virginia #36825

    Had a look on google earth – nice looking area.  Are you near the dam?  Hope you have a great time.

    in reply to: Central Texas Meet Up! San Marcos #36824

    Looks like a great place.  See there a few RV parks in the area – any recommendations?

    Won’t be there but putting it on the list of places to visit.

    Don’t forget to post pictures !

    in reply to: water heater vinegar flush #36133

    Just noticed the time stamp of these posts – must be set for Pacific time cause its actual 6:30 here.

    in reply to: water heater vinegar flush #36131

    No I don’t turn the heater on since the tank is not full. Could burn out the element.  I just let it sit there for most of the day. The calcium sediment goes to the bottom of the tank anyway.   I suppose you could use the propane if you wanted to heat the tank.

    in reply to: water heater vinegar flush #36123

    There is a line from the suction side of the pump with a valve and hose (after market install).  After draining the system, realign the valves and start the pump with the suction hose in the vinegar pail. Takes about 2 gallons of vinegar to fill the system which I dump into a pail.  Once about half the vinegar is in I close the cold water valve to the hot water tank and open the tank bypass valve.  You do have to bleed the air at the various taps.  Don’t forget to shut off the pump. I let the system sit for several hours then pull the anode from the hot water heater.  I have a water wand to flush out the tank.  Seems to get the calcium out of the tank.

    in reply to: Well that didn't take long. DOH!!! #36119

    I always check before putting a slide out – things move inside the rig and can get caught.  Oh and check clearance outside too!  Came way too close to the services pole once – wondered why Carol was yelling at me.

    in reply to: water heater vinegar flush #36116

    Yup. Flush the heater every fall.  Actually the whole system before I winterize.  Just finished with the new to us rig last weekend.  Won’t be going south this year…waaah!

    in reply to: Our Many RV Upgrades – How Have They Performed? #35721

    Pretty cool.  Keep doing the mod’s and upgrades.

    in reply to: Cracked windshield #35560

    Would be interested to hear if the tape helped.

    in reply to: Show us your Rig #34952

    Picked up our new to us 2011 Greystone MK29.  Took some pictures before moving stuff in – well the coffee maker made it in first.  Taking it for a cruise this weekend to Arran Lake RV park – toward Owen Sound Ontario.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 170 total)