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    So, the Wonderwash hooks up to the faucet and spins them dry enough to be hung? I think we may have to add this to the RV want list ! :yes:

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    I was really just trying to do the new emoticons ! And it worked ! :good:

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    Funny :yahoo:

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    If we want to be honest our wish would be GAS FOR LIFE!!!

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    Our wish List:
    1. New Tires – not a wish, more of a must have. Getting them before we go to
    Upper State NY in Aug.
    2. New TV
    3. Laptop Computer
    4. Scooters
    5. RV GPS
    6. Stove Top cover
    7. Sink cover
    8. Dog Crate that will fit between the cab chairs
    9. Booster antenna for WiFi
    10. Bike and Scooter Rack(s)
    I’m sure we will think of more before we go fulltime !

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    We are looking at the Go Power portable, also. We are concerned with putting holes in the roof, and we like the fact you can move the portable into the direct sunlight. We are planning short Boondocking trips and more workamping at campgrounds when we get going!Solar will just be a help, not a major source of power.


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    We’re back from our weekend at the club!  Check  out the pics on our wall!

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    We have an overhead Bunk – That’s our ” Master Bedroom “. We have folding stairs to get up and down. We like not having to “Make the bed at night. Visitors get the sofa bed or dinette. We have our kitchen in the back – no bedroom.

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    Will Do !!!

    in reply to: How often do you start your C? #2697

    Norma, We have a battery shut off switch. When we are not using our Lilly (RV) we shut off the batter so it doesn’t drain. But during the winter storage time we do run her at least once a month to keep everything working!

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    Because our Rig ( 24 ft class C ) is so small, we put a small desk and chair where the slide out gives space. Maybe this weekend when we are at the campground we will take a picture, we haven’t really traveled with it yet, but it does make the RV look more homey!

Viewing 11 posts - 481 through 491 (of 491 total)