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    I would second what Ray suggested. @eddie can help out some way.


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    What about a GFI trip?


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    Wow, you actually have functioning black tank gauge?  :Poo:

    What’s that like?   :unsure:

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    That spreadsheet would be great Joe!

    Boo on the weather.

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    That depends. Of course you can get more from a private party,  but time consuming besides getting all the money. The show/dealer has to leave room to resell your trade or its not worth it to them. But it’s a done deal at the time you are looking at the one you really want without money hassles.

    So,  it depends on how much value you put on your time.


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    I guess I could break open a spreadsheet and go back through our trips for mileage.
    Yes, we are currently on the Q side of Plomosa BUT>>>> I scouted some nice spots on the Bouse side that are way prettier IMO. Thinking about relocating. When the ‘Wyoming Gypsies‘ get here I’ll put it to them to see if they agree.  :yes:

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    That might do it!


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    Well, I’m more concerned with the TRAILER that doesn’t have an odometer.
    I need to know about what mileage is on the tires and the axle hubs for instance.
    Most everything else on the trailer is by calendar.

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    Yep! Right there with you!

    Banged up my tailgate to the point that when I closed it, it was in a bind and would not open without prying it. Not good on a gate that has the built-in pull-out step.
    I stopped into a local body shop asking if they could re-align it. They did with some ratchet straps – seems the bed walls were out of sync with the catches. Not perfect, but at least it opens.
    When done, I was prepared to pay but they did it free! I also busted the air-fitting to the pin box. I fixed that with a air-valve extension.

    I also have a collection of scrapes down the sides of the trailer where a few trees/bushes had to be relocated.

    And a crease in the skirt that has no known cause.

    Knock on wood that we don’t get any more ‘oh sh&t’s!’

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    Desert Dwellers Unite!

    Show your pride…
    Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs and Stickers!
    Many colors.


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    Just an update…. it turned out to be a faulty circuit board.
    Had a mobile mechanic pull the furnace and change out the board. Cost me $300.

    The chambers had a bit of surface rust on them so it probably was moisture that got the better of the board.

    We were in humid areas this past summer. Guess we should run the furnace sometimes.

    Anyway, all ok now.


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    Thanks John, but I’m not getting anything from the blower. Ive checked the blow-holes for critters as well.
    I’m going to try another fuse and see if that gets some action.

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    I have a Wifi Ranger Elite if anyone wants my 2 cents.

    Its is great for tapping into free WiFi sources securely behind a firewall up to 2 miles away given a clear path.

    If you have a MiFi or jetpack it can merge the two for the best signal.
    I mounted my antenna on the mast of my Batwing so I just raise it to gain more height.

    I used it all the time before I got an unlimited data plan (expensive grandfathered plan) and it main purpose now is to provide an in-home network. I’ve also shared the connection privately with friends.

    I am looking to get a cell booster like the one Ray installed to complete the package since I do extensive work online, making it tax deductible.

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    Nice overview!


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