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  • in reply to: RV Furnace Panel Upgrade Plus LP Gas Valve Install #48190

    Awesome sauce! I like the magnets! I’m going to try to fix mine like this.

    I had my furnace serviced in March by a mobile technician who took up a lot of floor space all by himself, and banged up the soft wood trim getting the panel and the unit in and out. The board was bad btw.

    I think the duct came loose because the wall gets awfully hot, and I wanted to check it. Might as well get panel fixed up too!

    Great idea 💡


    in reply to: Water heater maintenance/ repair #48181

    I need to do mine too. Since being plugged in and using the electric to heat I am noticing that it’s not really hot like when using gas. Bet the element is ate up like this one. Glad to be in a place for a couple of weeks to get all this done.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    in reply to: Bad Diesel Fuel #48167

    Gotcha. Water is not good at all. Hopefully it gets rectified asap.

    When I visited my son in law in Illinois, he asked me if I ever had drained the water collector. I said no and he took a big coffee can and crawled under my truck. Within 5 minutes he came out with a full can of water! I was shocked. But I am smarter now I think.

    Is the plug on your collector tight?

    The dealer should have checked all that you’d think.

    in reply to: Bad Diesel Fuel #48153

    What do you mean when you say D rated?

    Has the water collection canister been emptied? Just a thought.

    in reply to: End Table #47271

    Very nice!


    in reply to: Maiden voyage ( shakedown) #47261


    Nice set up!

    in reply to: Maiden voyage ( shakedown) #47120

    Share some pictures!
    Have fun.

    in reply to: Dish Soap #45466

    Are you concerned with the residue, packaging or effects on your body? I can’t find anything negative about Dawn.

    I think you would be safe to use it.

    Try plugging the name in this site:

    in reply to: Rebuilding Our Main Slide-Out of our 5th Wheel! #45464

    Whew! what a work out!  But not nearly as much as the rear end huh?

    in reply to: 5th Wheel landing leg repair/replace experience? #45462

    I had a gearbox strip out on mine and replaced the whole assembly, legs and all. Was about $1000. Not fun when you gotta crank that dang thing to get it off and on the truck.

    The original gear box was mostly plastic. The replacement was made of metal, but the legs didn’t have the zerk fittings the original set did.  For now I just spray lube down the legs from the top and on the outside when they are extended but want to get some holes farther down as well.

    in reply to: "Boondocker" Washer & Dryer Installed! #45051

    Yeah Buddy!

    No more storing quarters for the ‘Monthly” laundromat run!  Having to wait to see if I need to feed the machine another coin. Wondering what was in there before my clothes. Washing when I want now.

    A tad bit expensive, but well worth it in my book. Running a load on the inverter/batteries and if plugged in, the AC or other appliances.

    Those “Dirty Desert Dweller” tees get cleaned whenever the fun is sticking too much!

    Got those here (if anyone is interested): Adventurer Creatives

    Supports Wounded Warrior Project.

    in reply to: Repairing My Dead RV Power Awning #45048

    Nice! I have the same awning and my switches are right by the door where the air blows through the screen. If mine ever starts acting up, I know right where to start looking!  :good:

    in reply to: Batteries installed Trojan T105re #44983

    Wow. I hope your back gets better.

    I think there is a strap handle lifter that hooks to the tops of the battery. They are heavy.

    Great job.

    in reply to: Truck mods #44981

    Very cool!

    in reply to: Interior Door Reno #44510


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