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  • in reply to: FanTastic Fan Maintenance – Cleaning & Lubrication Attempt #54548

    Good job Ray!

    I don’t see where you took off the screen from the inside. Can you go over that?

    Mine needs cleaning, especially since it acts like a stove vent in the kitchen. I’m afraid of breaking the screen attachment.

    I also have a maxxair in the bedroom that acts like a vacuum … Evacuates and pulls the dusty air from the other openings. It’s covered in grime. Same thing… Not sure how to get the screen off without breaking it. Maybe I’m just too cautious?

    I guess I could just Google it   :Thinking:

    in reply to: Best roadside assistance to Purchase #54543

    I have CoachNet. I’ve used them a few times in the past 5 years. Very easy to deal with.

    in reply to: RV Day/Night Shade Repair #54279

    Awesome Ray!

    Boy, am I glad you did this on video.

    I’ve got a small blind that busted a while ago, bought the kit but havent got up the nerve to tear it apart. Got a clamp holding it in the open position.

    Thanks for the tutorial. I think I’m ok fixing mine now.


    in reply to: Aquatank II Water Storage Bladder #54257

    Awesome Ray!
    I love mine too!

    When its empty and I dont plan on using it for a while, I will put a couple drops of bleach in  with maybe a quart of water still in it, swish it around and then drain that.
    Same thing I do with my ‘buckets’.

    Speaking of which, like Rush said, those buckets take up a lot of room and I haven’t used mine in a couple of months. I think I’ll leave them at the ranch. They are pretty banged up anyway.

    The bladder is way more efficient.

    Welcome to the club!

    in reply to: Show us your Rig #54208

    I’ll submit my setup too, pictures below…

    My ‘6-up’: 2017 Ford F350 Lariat DRW 4×4 Super Duty, 6.7 440 hp PowerStroke diesel power plant. Called Red Ryder.

    The dually handles the blow-by of the semis and cross winds blowing the tall kite behind me with no response from the steering, due to the stance of duals. I’ve added airbags to keep the porpoising to a minimum. the pin weight is heavy due mostly to the batteries in the trailer.

    It’s a big pickup truck, but better to have too much than not enough in this instance, right? Only downside is the unhitched daily driving/parking. I can live with that. If my trailer were smaller and shorter then this truck might be overkill.

    My Rolling Cabin: 2018 Keystone Fuzion 371, 38′ toy hauler. 2-bath, sleeps 8, 110ga water tank, 88ga waste tank, 44ga grey tank. 11′ garage with w/d currently hauling my Honda Rancher 420.
    14000′ capacity and pulls very good. The last weigh-in was close to that.

    Approximately 12000 miles on the 16″ Sailun tires and not a single flat.

    Outfitted for extended dry camping with 560w (I think, lost track of the upgrades) of solar power feeding 600ah of batteries to make living VERY comfortable full time. 

    Visit from a little angle showing part of the living room with the Western Channel on the big screen…

    The rear patio extends the living area another 8 feet.

    My office in the garage…


    in reply to: Show us your Rig #54160

    Agreed. They do incredible work!

    in reply to: Fresh Water Pump #53976

    Oopsie I re-read your post, you said you already changed that valve.

    When not hooked up to water, My pump will come on every now and then for a few seconds. I figure it’s air in the line but seems to happen after moving.

    When we are setting up with city water I usually run the outside sprayer until no air in the line, then turn it off.

    Not sure if any of this helps but I hope you figure it out soon.

    in reply to: Fresh Water Pump #53974

    Do you have a bypass valve that switches from city to power fill? My Fuzion does

    I’ve heard some people have had this malfunction. Probably the plactic ball not closing all the way.

    in reply to: RV Roof, Axles, and Disk Brakes #53549

    Looks great.


    Do you have attic vents?

    Condensation can make a mess up there you know.

    Anyway Nice upgrades.

    in reply to: RV Roof, Axles, and Disk Brakes #53432

    Got it down ! Motor on!


    in reply to: RV Roof, Axles, and Disk Brakes #53426

    Are the brakes going to bolt up to the new axles?
    How much are the new axles going for?

    in reply to: Morryde SRE4000 Suspension Upgrade #52995

    I decided to look up the stock MORryde CRE 3000 system that came with my trailer. It has bronze bushings so I think I can rest a little easier. The shackles seem to be heavy duty but I didn’t measure them, and they aren’t the wetbolt variety, but they also have bronze bushings.

    I’m always checking the suspension system for cracks and anomalies, and noticed all my tires are wearing/cupping on the outsides and inside.

    They are inflated to 108# of the 110# limit.

    I figure they have about 10,000 miles on them.

    Not sure why they are wearing like this, so if anyone has a tip, just holler!

    in reply to: Morryde SRE4000 Suspension Upgrade #52880

    Great job James!
    I imagine I’ll need to do that sooner or later, probably at the time I get shocks put on.
    What happened to the coroplast on the underbelly?

    in reply to: Traveling with Chickens #52481

    I have no problem with that. They almost came with us frozen.

    I told myself I’d try it once.

    in reply to: Which Solar Panels? #52456

    Dealers just want to sell their stuff.

    I’m glad you figured it out.

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