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    On our return trip from Alaska I noticed that one of our 19 month old tires beside the door was wearing on the outside so when we arrived in Whitehorse Yukon I had it switched with the spare. By the time we arrived in Prince George BC the tire behind the one I changed over was wearing badly on both outer edges and the one already changed out before was wearing fine.

    Once we returned to the Vancouver BC area I took it into Vancouver Axle and Frame to have the alignment checked. They later called and said that the centre hanger on our Moryde suspension was bent inward with the frame. They adjusted the camber and alignment after making all the necessary repairs. They also welded in a support brace between both centre hangers for added strength. So the roads to and from Alaska cost us another $2600.00…oh well…it is what it is. wink That was to be our wheel and tire upgrade fund! That’s our next step…Goodyear G114 H load rated tires and and new wheels.

    Safe travels!



    Bearings repacked, brakes are good and new wheels and tires I had shipped from  http://www.trailertiresandwheels.com/  installed.

    Before and after pics:

    Old 16″ 80 PSI Power King Tow Max 235/80R Load Range E

    New 17.5″ 120 PSI Goodyear (G114) 215/75R Load Range H with Lynx Grey Aluminum Wheels shipped  mounted and balanced.

    Arizona here we come!



    Looks like a great upgrade. Nice looking rims.  Let us know how they perform for ya.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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