Worked on my solar on Rover II

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    Wonderful days in Calgary over the week end. It gave me some time to work on the roof of Rover II

    I must also said that my work is just a pale copy of Eddie’s on I invented nothing just duplicated what Eddie did on Rover I during the month of july.

    Working on the roof

    I tried to put 2 strings of 2 panels in series, reason is that by reading the MPPT manual it looks like the controller work better between 35 and 50 volts… will see and also I don’t have a lot of items on the roof that can create some shade. I also went with a sub panel for the inverter and installed a breaker panel for the solar wire.

    I think every install is really dependent of the RV it’s done for. The 377 is an easy access to the roof with lot of small closed shelfs close by to install new items.

    For Eddie, YES I managed to put my hands in the white stuff that I love so munch 😉

    I still need to wire the 2nd string but yesterday at about 5 ish when the sun was low in the sky, I would said probably at an 20 degrees angle on the panel I still managed 10 amps to the bank ( that only 2 panels).

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