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    Bruce & Lori

    We are planning to head out in abut 2 weeks for our first snowbird trip.  Will be taking I29 south and depending on the weather we hope to make Sioux Falls, SD our first stop, probably a hotel as most campgrounds are closed.  Our planned stops thereafter will be Topeka, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Tucson.  As usual, this time of year the weather will dictate our pace and as I am a driving team of 1, if I get tired, it’s time to find a campsite.

    We haven’t been this way before so any suggestions on our route or places to stay would be appreciated.


    drive safe and keep us posted on how it goes

    Marsha & Dewey

    Hope you have a super fun and safe trip! Wish I new something to help. Please post updates with pics. Please.


    Instead of getting a hotel would you consider sleeping over night in a truckstop? If you have a smart phone I can get you an app that lists truckstops and what each place offers as for parking. If you don’t like parking with the big rigs, this app tells you if there is separate rv parking. If you don’t have a smart phone I can get you a list of truckstops in those areas you plan to stop at. It would be no trouble for me to od this for you.

    From Amarillo to Tucson I noticed you put you would stop in ALbuquerue. If you want to save on miles hwy 60 from Amarillo to hwy 70 into Las Cruces is a nice road. 4 lane highway and you get to pass threw Roswell and play with the aliens. AT this time I don’t recommend hwy 54 from Santa Rosa Nm south. Lots of construction, narrow lanes and some parts no center line is painted in the road. I took it not to long ago and night and spooked me bad.

    Let me know and I would be more then happy to get you a list of truckstops you can stay for free. I am in the trucking business so I can run miles routing so forth for you no problem at all

    Bruce & Lori

    James, thanks for the tip on the Roswell route.  What’s the name of the app you referred to.  We have IPhones and it would be good to have that app as a backup plan.

    ps. I sent you a PM.


    I also forgot about roadtrippers, that’s a decent app



    I just came across this truck stop app the other day, haven’t tried it yet, but looks interesting. they don’t have the IOS8 version out yet.

    Allstays is by far my favorite for finding campspots and it also has a good lisitng of truck stops and many other spots like reststops and Walmarts, etc. .

    Bruce & Lori

    I am accumulating quite the collection of Apps in my Travel folder and am looking forward to trying some of these out.  So far I’ve got IMaps and Google maps plus a handheld GPS and the GPS in my truck plus a hard copy spiral bound 8×10″ Road Atlas. With all of these tools it will be the old “human error” which will get me lost.  Good thing I have the “Where Am I At” app.

    I downloaded an App called Mileage Keeper to track my mileage, MPG and fuel cost.  I have set up a few different “vehicles” to separate my mileage for the trip down and back when towing and casual driving without the 5er attached.

    To find cheap gas I’ve got WEX Connect and Gas Buddy.

    Then there’s RoadBreakers, My Pilot, Loves and Truck Smart.  Will probably use My Pilot the most as I have the Pilot/FlynJ card that gets me discounts on price of fuel.

    To find a campground I’ve got Oh Ranger, Passport America, Allstays, Woodalls, and KOA.

    And if I breakdown along the way I have the GoodSam Roadside Assistance App.

    And to think that my parents used to go camping with a fold up paper map and an ashtray filled with change to call for help from a roadside payphone.  That’s progress for you.




    What is sad is with all the stuff we have now we still get lost and make wrong turns lol



    Make your wife the navigator, that way it’s not your fault if you get lost.

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