Why We Are Buying a New Truck Versus Fixing Big Blue

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    In this video, I go into detail about why I’m not fixing our old 1994 Ford F350 and buying a brand new truck instead.

    If you saw my previous video – Sad News Our Old Blue Ford Truck is Toast ūüôĀ – https://youtu.be/1Sv6OXgMKak you’ll see a lot of the commenters thought I should be repairing old Blue. Even though it looks like the engine needs major repairs or a replacement.

    I try to explain my thought process and the pros and cons of buying new versus fixing the old beast or buying a newer used tow vehicle.

    Finally, I ask what you feel the old truck is worth to sell. I’d like to see it go to a good home. I’m sure it has some good years left, just not with us towing our big fifth wheel.

    Repairs needed during our last 6-month trip:

    Rear Diff Speed Sensor
    Fuel Lift Pump
    Fuel Return Lines and O-Ring Kit
    Glow Plug Controller and Relay
    Glow Plugs
    Fan Clutch
    Block Heater Plug
    Leaky Radiator Cap
    Ignition Key Cylinder
    Tach Sensor

    Our Choices:

    Repair Blues Engine 6-8 thousand dollars (CAD)
    Restore Blue 20-25 thousand dollars (CAD)
    Newer Used Truck 30 – 45 thousand dollars plus 12% tax (CAD)
    New Truck 68,000 plus 12% tax (CAD)

    Old vs New Specs:

    2WD Dually vs 4WD Single Axle
    Rear End 4.10 vs 3.42
    Towing 13,000lbs vs 20,520lbs
    Payload 3000lbs vs 4,320lbs
    Trans. 3 speed with OD vs 6 speed
    Power 190HP vs 385HP
    Torque 385 ft/lbs vs 930 ft/lbs

    Pros of buying a new truck:

    A massive increase in towing capacity
    Increased safety
    4×4 capability for more off-road adventures
    More fun to drive, less stress
    5-year powertrain warranty or 100,000 km
    3-year bumper to bumper warranty or 60,000 km

    Cons for a new truck:

    Cost 68,000 CAD plus taxes
    Higher insurance rate
    Emission Issues
    Feel sad for old Blue

    Walt & Vicky Davis

    I know you made the right choice. You may remember me telling you about the ’97 f250 I had a few years ago. What a money pit. My truck’s Achilles heel was the glow plug system. Seems like they never got it right on the early trucks.

    As to pricing old blue, in u.s. dollars, all I can say is shoot high. People are still nuts about them. I put mine on Craig’s list for $2500 (I wanted a quick sale) and had 5 offers that day. Ended up selling to a guy a 100 miles away who restored them and sold them to wildfire fighter companies as water tankers. Point is, there seems to be a market for these old work horses as snowplow, and other specialty applications. Oh, and the teenage boys love them too ūüôā¬† I’d start at max blue book and see what the interest is.


    Thanks, Walt, seems consensus is anywhere from 3-5K USD. I think I’ll list at 5000 CAD which is about 3800 USD these days and hope for a quick sale.¬† :yes:

    Stephen C Keller

    This is what US prices are for Old Blue according to NADA (Dealers book)
    Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price”>

    Original MSRP  Low Retail Average Retail High Retail

                               Base Price
                               $19,341                    $3,300    $5,200   $7,675
    7.3L V8 Turbo Diesel Engine            $525         $775   $1,000
    Factory Air Conditioning                       5%            5%          5%
    XLT Package                                             5%            5%          5%
    Total Price     $19,341                        $4,155      $6,495   $9,441
    Just for FYI

    Wish I was closer, Maybe we could deal. LOL

    New truck looks real good.


    Ray, I was under the assumption that you had the 7.3L in Big Blue.¬† It wasn’t until I watched this video that I realized you had the old,¬†old Ford diesel.¬† That engine was terrible.¬† Knowing that, I would have said right away that you are absolutely doing the right thing.¬† Only the 7.3L is worth rebuilding.¬† It’s my guess that many people thought that as well which is why so many people were saying to rebuild it.

    Since the body of Big Blue is immaculate, I’m sure there are tons of enthusiasts out there that would love to get their hands on body in that good of shape.¬† The market around here for something like that would run about $4,500USD, since the body is in such good shape.

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