Which Solar Panels?

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    Ha Ha

    We became FullTimers July !6th, 2016



    We are 1070 watts and 8-6 volt T-105’s 900 ah’s.

    Hi Flyingppg yes I am insane LOL.

    these rigs are our homes , with the charge controller I found it was the cloud effect that was causing a problem and I might need to add Another Solar charge controller might have too much power.

    I’m hearing that you can never have too much power it seems. Like a flat screen TV it can never be too large.  :bye:



    But R&J’s rig is not your circus, not your monkeys. What’s your beef? Next thing you’ll be giving people crap about what they use their power for. Give it a rest.

    What’s my beef? I don’t think you can beat a nice stew with dumplings especially on those sub 10degC days when your lithium batteries won’t charge. If too many people have too much solar power it is just going to suck all the energy out of the sun and make it go out. Then where will we be? I was just getting used to the higher temperatures from global warming which is another good reason to be burning more oil. Small solar is the way to go for sure. We need the sun to keep burning.  :Silly:   :Sun:  :Love:

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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