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    With wanderlust in my heart, I’m always looking for adventure trips. We live in Southern Michigan and like to take one “long” trip per year other than our trip to Florida in April. We do long weekends in about a 5 hour radius of home and our long trips I try to keep around 1,000 miles from home. 2 Day drive. Looking at a Lake Superior Circle Tour, a trip to the Denver area, Natchez Trace, and maybe out to Maine for a lobster. 2 Lane roads are always cool as well. If you have done such a trip or have one on your bucket list, let me know. I’d like to hear some ideas. Thanks and Happy Trails! Doug


    Hi we live in southern Ontario and are planing to go north of superior in August



    Hey, fellow Michigander!
    Live in Traverse City. Headed to AL. & AR in Oct. or so. First trip out of Mi.
    F250 diesel with a 32′ Jayco 5th wheel.


    Well we left Miami in Jan. And are now in Dawson Creek, B.C. enroute to Soldotna, Ak.

    We became FullTimers July !6th, 2016


    Those all sound like great trips! Stephan, are you going to around Superior or do you have a destination. I’ve been to Wawa many times for fishing trips and when I was a kid, in 1967,  went on a fishing trip up to Geraldton with my grandfather. A wild crazy trip towing a trailer but the fishing was fantastic for a kid! Kim and Michelle, we just came thru Alabama on our way back from Florida and I65 is a great drive. Michigna is great and we love exploring all of it. Have you found any great camping spots other than the State parks? LolaandRush, those are some serious miles! Haven’t done the RV thing in Canada yet but been to Soldotna a few times driving from Anchorage to Homer. Done mission work out of Homer and the flight service is based in Soldotna. Have great trips and maybe will hear more about your adventures.


    Well we left Miami in Jan. And are now in Dawson Creek, B.C. enroute to Soldotna, Ak.

    Cool! Are you planning on staying in/around Alaska for the summer? I’m in Fairbanks…


    We will be volunteering in a campground till Sept.

    We became FullTimers July !6th, 2016


    Our next RV trip will be our first one . . . hopefully next year!


    We will be heading south from AK to the PNW then down the coast, over to Yosemite and then to the CA desert and AZ. We parked the fifth wheel in OR back at the end of June and drove back to AK for the summer. Now that things are starting to cool off here in the interior, it’s time to head south, pick up the RV and head to warmer temps. This will be trip #31 on the Alaska Hwy. Every road trip is an adventure.


    We head out in the morning for Apache Junction Az. We are taking about a month to get there thru the Oregon coast, the Redwoods, Yosemite and the Eastern Sierras. Plan on doing a lot of fishing, hiking and kayaking.

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    Hi Doug we stay in the provincial parks . Kakabecka falls by Thunder bay is amazing.



    Hey Steve, We are headed for a long weekend in Scottsdale the middle of October and going to check out Apache Junction. Have some friends that have a home there and they stated there is an RV park connected to their community. We wanted to check it out. AZ is kinda out of our neck of the woods. We seem to head south to Florida but definitely wanting to check out AZ and New Mexico. Safe travels.


    We’ve almost completed out trip across Canada to the Maritimes. We’ll cross into the US at Main and work our way to Elkhart for some RV repairs. Then we head to Apache Junction, fly back to Victoria for Xmas, then return to continue on to Quartzsite, AZ for the winter. Safe travels to all!


    Be safe, we down at Or. and going to see Cannon Beach today.

    We became FullTimers July !6th, 2016

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