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    We are planning our first (hopefully of many!) snowbird trips south  next winter (2017). We plan to boondock as much as possible as we aren’t fans of crowded RV resorts and want to spend our time exploring the desert. Arizona, California and New Mexico are where we would like to travel through. So…the big question is …What to wear?? I’m getting a picture of cool night (possibly chilly?), warm, but not overly, days, and rain. Is this correct? Do I need to pack winter coats or is that too much? Jeans, shorts, tank tops, sweaters??

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated from any of you who have experienced winter time in the southern States.

    Bruce & Lori

    We went thru the same dilemma 2 years ago on our first Snowbird trip.  We stayed in Arizona RV Parks, no boondocking, but found we packed far too many clothes. We ended up wearing shorts and t-shirts most days and did laundry each week.  Don’t have to dress to impress in the desert.  When the sun is up its pretty much always shorts and t-shirt weather.  60 degrees with the Arizona sun is much warmer than Manitoba’s 60.  Most days in Dec and Jan temps were in the high 60’s low 70’s and Nov, Feb, Mar in the high 70’s to low 90’s (the latter too hot for me even if it’s a dry heat😄).  When the sun drops it cools off significantly and is long pants and sweater, light jacket weather.  Had a couple nights just below freezing with a few flurries, a reminder of what we were missing at home, so a heavier fall jacket was needed.  Just layer up rather than bringing the down parka.  We had a few weeks of rain over 5 months but usually just a day at a time or passing showers.  Good days to stay inside and clean the trailer or catch up on reading or emails.

    That was our experience.  We skipped last winter to sell our house and downsize but we are planning Snowbird 2 this winter so will see if we can refrain from filling the closets with clothes we never use.  By the way, they have stores down there with good sales and a great Outlet Mall in Phoenix, and we ended up coming back with more clothes than when we left.

    Don Kline

    Our first rip south to Tucson was 4 years ago. We were volunteering in a state park and didn’t pack any winter clothes, BIG mistake.. Woke one morning to go to work and it was 19 degrees.. Yes i layered up but it was still cold… Now i bring one set of winter clothes every time we go south… Better safe than sorry.. Just my 2 cents worth..

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