Well that didn't take long. DOH!!!

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    Justin & Stacy

    Well we have not even officially slept in the trailer yet and I have mad two rather dumb mistakes. First last weekend I was installing risers on my Pullrite Superglide hitch and not thinking after connecting to the trailer and checking the bedside clearance, I tried to pull out from under the trailer without dropping the tailgate. UURRGG. Minor tailgate plastic cap damage and a little waviness left in the edge is left after repair.

    Then today. closed the rear slides without doing the physical walk around of the bar and didn’t notice the cabinet door to the under sink trashcan was still open. A few hours later all is repaired again with only a small blemish to speak of. But I now know how easy it is to pull the dishwasher from under the bar..

    Which brings up the next question. Has anyone seen an undercounter kegerator or wine/beer refer that would fit a 17.5″ wide by 33.5″ high opening?



    Black Dog

    The second time I put our passenger side living room slide in I caught the radio DVD cabinet door! 3 months later we have a chech list. Expensive mistake.


    I always check before putting a slide out – things move inside the rig and can get caught.  Oh and check clearance outside too!  Came way too close to the services pole once – wondered why Carol was yelling at me.

    Justin & Stacy

    For inside I am going to start physically walking around the bar and bed before closing the slides for outside I am trying to come up with a way to create a gauge to lay on the ground that marks tire tracks so when I do my site survey prior to occupying a site I will know my tires need to be so far from obstructions to avoid contact with the slides. I layed out some boards prior to parking when I brought the solitude home so I knew both distance from and alignment with a deck off the front of my house.


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    I never keep wine that long to need a fridge. 😜😁

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